Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I’m recording the following for memory’s sake: the first riddle three-year-old Esmé took great delight in telling over and over…

Esmé:  What flies but doesn’t have any wings?

Mom:  You tell me.

Esmé:  A kite!

Esmé:  What flies and has wings?

Mom:  A bird?

Esmé:  That’s right!

Esmé:  What flies and doesn’t have any wings?

Mom:  A kite?

Esmé:  Yes, and what else?

Mom:  I don’t know.

Esmé:  A flag!

Esmé:  And even a helicopter!

There’s no end, I tell you.  I am definitely cracking open the joke books so we can get a little variety going…


We’ve been doing an overview of geography – maps, continents, that sort of thing – before we dive into studying specific countries.  Today’s assignment was to draw a map.  Here it is…


And here’s what Esmé has to say about it:  “The continents.  Arcantica, Bombay, Africa, and Australia.  And October.  And November.  And December.  The bedroom is in Australia.  The yellow circles are stepping stones.”


Esmé had her first authentic rock climbing experience this weekend.  She had been talking big while watching others climb, telling us how she was going to get all the way to the top and hang out there for a little while, finding the “seven stones of Skulk Mountain.”

When it came time to go up, she insisted she could climb without the rope, though she did allow her Daddy to put on the harness and attach the rope anyway.  She panicked when she realized the rope was holding her up – and got no further.

Analyzing things afterwards, I asked her why she didn’t trust the rope.

“It’s the wrong color!”

“What color would you trust?” I asked.

“Pink!  Or red, or purple.”

Daddy just so happens to have a rope of the requisite color, so we’ll see how she does next time…



ShEiLa said...

Miss Esme you are brilliant!!!

I am sure if you had a PINK rope you would feel a whole lot more secure. ;)