Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

What 3yo Esmé has to say about…
… vegan eggs:
We’ve been studying farm life recently, and she’s convinced she’d have a barn full of ponies, horses, and horsies if she had the chance. 
(Someone please explain to me the difference between horses and horsies!  She says it has to do with how the word is said, and they are definitely different creatures…)
Back on track here.
I mentioned I’d have chickens on my (hypothetical) farm so we could have eggs to eat.
“No!  You can’t eat chicken eggs, Mommy!  They have baby chicks inside!”
“You’re eating eggs right now,” I respond.
“But these don’t have baby chicks inside!  These have eggplant inside!  The yellow part is the eggplant!”
… genes:
The gene discussion came up – and we were debating if she had her father’s or mother’s genes in a certain area.
“What are genes, Mommy?” she asked.
“Things inside of you that you can’t see.  They help determine who you are – what color of eyes and hair you have, even your personality and the things you like to do!”
“Oh.  Like Jesus!” she responds, making the phonetic connection.
“Exactly, baby…”
… avoiding boredom:
“What shall we do today?” I ask.
“How about I make a mess and you clean it up?” she says.
I think that’s her MO every day.  At least she says what she’s thinking.
… where God never lets go:
Matt Redman’s You Never Let Go song is often played in our car, and I overheard her singing it to herself one day.
“Oh no, You never let go
Through the forest and through the store…”
I explained the “Through the calm and through the storm” lyrics.
“Nope!  It’s forest and store!” she insisted.
I dropped it.  It’s not wrong at all, is it? 
And she probably needs that assurance of His Presence desperately on marathon trips through the grocery store – more so than the few storms that pass overhead while we’re snug and dry inside.  God knows I do…


Infant Bibliophile said...

These are all adorable, but this is my favorite! “How about I make a mess and you clean it up?” she says.
definitely describes our days!

ShEiLa said...

I love tiny talk.
I am so glad you are recording the things Miss Esme comes up with.


Healthy & Happy said...

Esmé, Mark suggested that you can plant eggs to make eggplant grow, have you tried that?

K-tribe said...

LOVE IT!! I need to sit and listen and have these cute talks more with my little ones!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wise girl! I love that she thinks about Jesus.