Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Friday

Let’s see – what’s on our regular programming schedule for today?  Ahh – the day we get to strut our 3yo fashion statement!  Don’t worry – you haven’t been missing much.  The summer garb of choice – 1 of 7 bathing suits, topped by a tiara.  Every day.  (And today’s punctuation of choice – the em dash.)

Moving on to the “regular” stuff…

Welcome to the latest and greatest in kid fashion!

If you've got some great fashion going on in your house, go post your fashion photos of the week, come back and link up, and then grab your sparking grape juice on ice, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

(You know what?  If you’ve got a post that has pictures of kids with ANYTHING on, go ahead and link up.  Doesn’t matter what the post is about.  It’s getting kind of lonely here on the catwalk by myself.)

So, let’s call this edition the swimsuit edition.  Swimsuits are so versatile – you can wear them with any tiara you’ve got!aDSC01182

And vice versa…

If the situation requires that you dress up, just add a pink tutu, and you’re set to go…  Star wand is optional, but a great accessory as well.

Did I mention the pink tutu is versatile as well – it goes with any bathing suit?!

End of swimsuit edition.  We’ll move on to fall fashion with our next “regular” edition of Fashion Friday.

OK, folks, here's where you get to share the catwalk! Link up your favorite fashion shot(s) of the week...


ShEiLa said...

It is good to know that Miss Esme has not forgotten all about fashion. She is still 'working it'.


richies said...

According to fashion experts (my granddaughters) a pink tutu goes with anything!

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