Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learning Spaces

Well, it's Thursday, time for another regular episode of "Learning Spaces."

Oh? You didn't know we had regular episodes here? Of anything?  Well, um...  You must be like, really new?  Because I KNOW I've mentioned a regular posting schedule at least once or twice, and I KNOW I've tried to follow it.  For a couple of days, at least.

I'm sort of overextended.  And I'm afraid that's just a flaw of my personality, though I keep believing it'll change.  Unrealistic optimism is a flaw of my personality, too.

Moving on to - what was it again?  Right!  Learning Spaces.  Well, our schoolhouse isn't done yet.  I've thought of naming it "Castle in Progress," you know - home of the little Princess in Progress?  CIP for short - though that'll make me think of financial statements every time I see it.  That building is sort of on hold for my husband's work to slow down, so I guess it's a good sign that it's not done yet...

But I won't leave you completely empty-handed today.  As I've done for many weeks past.

Here's a very cool post over at Holy Experience called "Best Ways to Organize a Classroom."  Look at the photos and drool... 

I admit the first time I saw it, the green-eyed monster came out.  I started asking questions like, "Where is the STUFF?  You know - all the STUFF - the supplies and the papers and the STUFF you need for school?  All the BOOKS that don't fit on the shelves in such a nice pretty way?  It's just too pretty!  Too clean!  Too minimalist to be functional!"

And I know - our school will NEVER look like that.  I will NEVER own a manual typewriter.  Amongst other things.  And I'm going for bright pinks and greens, not naturals.

Yet I LOVE the photos.  They make me dream.  Think of what our school can be.  Realize that it will be an experience, not just a room, place, event.

So thanks, Ann Voskamp.  We will never be you, but you've made me think about what I love about my own family - and the things I want to emphasize in our learning atmosphere.

That link again?  Best Ways to Organize a Homeschool Classroom