Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

(To Esmé’s Grandparents:  You can see Esmé’s note to you, virtual gifts included, over at her very own blog…)

In honor of Grandparents' Day coming up on Sunday, here are some photos from our visit with one set of grandparents this summer...
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We've been having a great time reading about grandparents! Here are some of our favorites:
  • Grandma’s Smile by Elaine Moore.  A perfect book for fall!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Grandmas and Grandpas! by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  Oh so much fun!  Cute animals acting as people – always a winner for Esmé – and then everything from the perspective of the little ones taking care of their grandparents…
  • John Denver’s Grandma’s Feather Bed adapted by Christopher Canyon.  I’ve loved this song since I was a kid, and it was fun to share it in book form with my daughter!  The library book even came with a CD that improved my off-key rendition.
  • The Tales of Grandpa Cat by Lee Wardlaw.  A fun beginning chapter book that incorporates a few history lessons.
  • Grandma Tells a Story by Lois G. Grambling.  The kind of book you could imagine your own grandma writing for her first grandchild.

How about you?  Doing anything for Grandparents’ Day?


richies said...

Being a grandparent is one of the best things there is. Someone once told me that grandchildren are God's reward for growing old. (Not that I'm old)

An Arkies Musings

ShEiLa said...

I think Granparents are the best! All of mine are in heaven now... but its my turn to be a Grammy. I hope I can spend time with my kids or grand-girls on grandparents day.