Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Week of School

and Tiny Talk Tuesday…

Well, we’re running into the end of our second week of school, and we’re still working on our first week plans!  Surprise…  It’s taking about two actual days to get through one planned day. 

On the positive side, I LOVE it all!  There’s nothing I want to cut out, or cut down…

So I think we’ll just keep doing a looping sort of thing – just keep going through our “daily” plan and start off the next day wherever we left off the previous.

Which means we might finish this year in a couple of years.  And it’ll wreak havoc on my carefully synchronized seasonal activities.  But no worries.  Nothing wrong with studying Thanksgiving in February, right?

I am just loving it all!  It’s so nice to have things planned ahead of time.  And to realize so succinctly that my girl is the brightest three-year-old in the world!

I know all three-year-olds are the brightest in the world.  Just yesterday, they were drooling, babbling (adorable) creatures.  It is so amazing to watch all those synapses snapping and crackling as new information gets stored into an existing frame of reference and comes out in all kinds of ways.  This has got to be my favorite age!


I had shown “fern spores” to Esmé on a short hike.  So as she was riding on Dad’s shoulders, she started loudly pointing out the “sperms” to him.  For the benefit of the passers by, he loudly corrected her…


Or the teeth thing.  Daddy was encouraging her to brush her teeth, pointing out that they’d rot if she didn’t take care of them.

“That’s OK, Daddy.  When my ‘big girl’ teeth come in, then I’ll start brushing them.”

She’s got it all thought out…


And God can do ANY thing.  She was crying about soap in her eyes while bathing one day.  I called out, telling her to use the washcloth nearby.

When I finally arrived at the scene of the emergency, she told me not to worry.  Eyes clenched shut against the soap, she said, “I’ll pray to God, since my eyes are already closed.”


Soon she’ll be packing up and moving out… (sniff)

We were discussing certain friends, who the boss is, and who can punish who.  I explained that kids shouldn’t boss each other, and should never punish each other.  That job belongs to grownups.

“But I am THREE years old!  That means I AM a grownup!”39133_409939154964_628489964_4500026_2085983_n


Jacque said...

How sweet she is! That's a beautiful picture! It's so exciting that ya'll are enjoying school so much! :) I was hoping to have my plans all set up and ready to go this week - but it hasn't worked out that way. Hopefully this weekend I can make a plan to get us started! :)

ShEiLa said...

Miss Esme you are the cutest. Good time to pray since your eyes are already shut. I will remember that.

Miss Esme... you are too smart. YOU will wait until the big girl teeth come in and then brush... how do you come up with this stuff. If your little girl teeth are rotten your big girl teeth aren't going to be as healthy and strong. Listen to Daddy and just brush.

I don't know about all 3 year old girls... but you definitely are a bright one.