Friday, September 17, 2010

Customer Request

Dear Local Bowling Alley,

Your shoes are UGLY.  Totally unacceptable.
If you really want to cater to us three-year-old princess folk, you need to get something PINK.  Or red or purple.  But pink works great.

Unless you really like the bawling-teary-eyed-miserable-pathetic-look model screaming by your front door in an attempt to escape and think that’s gonna bring in business.  In that case, just leave your shoes as is.

But don’t expect ME back anytime soon.  Or any of my friends.  And I’ve got a LOT of friends.

So really, just get the pink shoes already.  Size 8, if you please.  And give me a buzz when you’re ready for me…


Princess Esmé


ShEiLa said...

How very sad.
Bowling Alleys really should feature cute kids shoes. Especially when you never know when you will have visiting royalty in the form of a little princess in dire need of pink shoes.


ShEiLa said...

ps. I would be tempted to take a can of pink glitter spray paint and transform those ugly shoes.

Mike and Katie said...

I think they are so ugly so no one is tempted to run off with them.

mamajil said...

So funny....only because I can so see this happening to me with my little girls...LOL

Jen said...

Ha, ha! That would totally be my daughter, too. Pink everything!