Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Near East Party

On Saturday night we had a Middle Eastern-themed party  at Auntie Audra’s house!  I even got to ride a camel.  :)

DSC01770 DSC01681DSC01693 DSC01683DSC01732 

DSC01704 DSC01752 DSC01685 DSC01743 DSC01686 DSC01724 DSC01763 DSC01689


And little Eleanor and I were official photographers!

Thanks to Near East for providing couscous for the party and gifts for the guests…


ShEiLa said...

Except for the last photo... right Miss Esme? Either that or you are better than me at self photography... and you could be. I wouldn't put it past you.

Looks like a fun party with lots of yummy snacks. Mmmmmm.