Sunday, May 9, 2010

Potluck Monday

Esmé's Mom here...

It's late on Sunday, and I've got tons of other posts I should be working on, but my brain is just too fuzzy to figure out how to impress you with how organized and productive and learning and creative we are here in this house.  Seriously.

Plus, I've tried to upload our awesome Mother's Day video clip on YouTube FOUR times now, but it keeps timing out.  So I can't do that post, and I'm just not multi-tasky enough to start another productive post until the internets cooperate on that one.

So, I'm gonna crash Holly's potluck.  Seeing as I've got those handy dandy CoverMates Food Covers that work so perfectly for covering my casseroles and salads.  (And you could have some too, if you enter our giveaway!  Maybe I should check on whether you're allowed to pitch commercial products at a social potluck...)

Who is Holly, you ask?  That's right - if you regularly read here at Mozi Esmé, then you may not know her.  See, she's funny (funny-good).  And I'm not. So. Funny.  But that could change.  I mean, you could go check out her blog, June Cleaver Nirvana.  And you would totally subscribe and get to know her really quick.

What is potluck, you ask?   Here's the official definition:  random, unorganized thoughts smashed together into one post and branded as a potluck.

Now, I may hate cooking, but I can way do random, unorganized...  (Maybe I should try that with real food - I just might end up with a smashing dish.  But I gotta leave out the mushrooms for my daughter's sake.  I don't want tears in the food.)

So let's get started and stop rambling, shall we?  Or was that the point?

Things I Didn't Burn:
  • Oatmeal - except for the stuff that ran over onto the burner.
  • Thai coconut milk curry - until I was warming it up the second time.
  • My pots - it was only the frying pan I left on the stove with a little water in it to make oatmeal real fast since my pots were still crusted in oatmeal from the previous day(s) and that's all my daughter will eat for breakfast and I forgot about it until the smoke alarm went off and the parakeet who lives on top of the fridge went stiff.

April 15?  What's that?  We always do our taxes by October 15 - the REAL deadline.  We're organized like that.

Things I Did This Week Instead of Working on Taxes:
  • Entered my daughter's 621-book collection into Shelfari
  • Made all these cute blog buttons for potluck
  • Worked on expanding my 124-item To Do list
  • Bought more books to add to my daughter's book collection
  • Read books to my daughter.
How Fast is My Internet?

CenturyLink, you make me want to cry.  Or scream.  Not swear - my mother brought me up too well for that.  In honor of the $75 a month we are paying you - for 1.5Mb/s internet speed, we'll be tracking our ACTUAL speed.

No way! shows download as 0.85Mb/s!  You rock, CenturyLink!  That's as fast as it's been in a long time!

This Week's Claim to Fame...

...other than looking like Keanu Reeves, according to

...I went to high school with Holly.  Weird, but true. (I'm not sure why it's weird, but remember, it's late).  I was a year or so behind, so stood in awe, of course.  Still stand in awe, of course.

What Animal Am I? 

This is in recognition of my 3yo, who is a different animal every morning when she wakes up.  It changes every few hours or minutes, too.  But it is always a baby.  Or a mommy.

And the button is pink in her honor, too.  Because that is absolutely the best color in the whole wide world.

This morning she was a teeny tiny baby unicorn with a white face.  And a white horn.  Whose mommy was dead.  Very sad way to start her fourth Mother's Day.

How Did You Find Us?

"Elephant rhinoceroses."  I need to mention that one to Esmé.  We might just have a baby elephant rhinoceros one morning.  Though I really don't look forward to playing the elephant rhinoceros mommy.  (Don't even think of googling it.)

"Dirty little feet."  We must have an epidemic, since another is "Mommie's dirty feet in my face."

And scads of people came here via "how to have a new husband by Friday."  We are absolutely running a husband-swapping site here, so leave a comment if you're interested.  Just mention if you want standard or priority shipping.

Now here's one that would give Esmé a fit:  "pics of four-year-olds that still wear diapers."  Because we are way over the diaper stage now.  Big girl all the way, baby!

And my favorite:  "zzzzz\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\zzzzzzzzzzs\s" - yep, that completely describes us!

That's all, folks!  Back to regular programming...

If you wanna contribute a dish, check it out and socialize a bit:


CristyLynn said...

Who says you aren't funny!

Brooke said...

i totally didn't know that i was reading keanu's blog! way cool dude!

texasholly said...

OMG. I have the BMA yearbook on my lap with it open to your picture...awesomeness. I think we might need to do a coordinated HS photo post next potluck. AND now that I know you are also Keanu Reeves that is just a bonus.

The buttons are AMAZING and totally worth whatever tax penalties you will have to endure.

LOVED your potluck...thanks for playing along.

leaking crazy said...

how's that husband swap thing work?

oh and my download speed is 4.65mb/s is that good? upload is 0.43mb/s. maybe not so good. now i will forever be testing out our internet speed.

Ash said...

New husband by Friday? Who's crazy enough to do that - I'd have to break him in all over again.

No thanks.

LOVE your buttons!! Totally worth ignoring the taxes.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I could totally get behind the internet test speed thing. Mine is currently 0.68Mbps download and that is GOOD for my connection.

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