Monday, February 8, 2010

Mission Sunday

Make that Mission Monday... :)

This is the first one of our new format - as Mommy is trying to make this feature more relevant to ME!

This week's focus was on Haiti AGAIN, since I hadn't really spent any time on it before.

First, we found Haiti on the globe. We talked a little bit about the language, and the food, and the weather, and the religions.
Then Mommy explained about earthquakes. I built a tower with my blocks on my table.
And then we shook the table like it was an earthquake! And all the blocks fell down, on top of the animals and everything. We talked about what to do if the ground started shaking - Get Out of the House as Fast as You Can!
We looked at some pictures of Haiti after the earthquake. It was very sad. The people were hurt, and were very sad. We looked at these two sites: and Samaritan's Purse. (Note to parents: some of the pictures are pretty graphic...)
But there are people helping! Like my cousin, Justin. Yep, he's studying for his International Rescue and Relief degree and was part of a relief team that went to Haiti. Here's a link to an interview with Justin.

And blogs from two of his team members:
Here are some cool Haiti links:
And just some general cool missionary posts
For our local project, we baked some lemon raspberry muffins. I got to practice measuring! Then, after a LONG time, I tasted TWO of them to make sure they were good. I helped Mommy decorate them and put stickers on a card for the neighbors. I had fun visiting with the little boy and girl! My favorite toys there were the dog's toys. And the tricycle. And I got to borrow a quacking duck!


Brooke said...

the table quake was a good demonstrative lesson. Esme - you have a smart mommy!

ShEiLa said...

Lemon-Raspberry... YUM!!!

The devastation in Haiti is almost beyond my ability to wrap my mind around. My heart hurts and is full of love (at the same time) for the people of Haiti and those who have taken part in helping out.