Friday, December 4, 2009


Esmé's Mommy here.

It's been a whirlwind around here lately. Both figuratively and literally. This morning I accidentally dropped something on the blender, which had been left plugged in, and the top middle plastic piece had been dumped inside after it had been washed. Plastic shards now covered the floors and counters, which of course were covered with dirty dishes. At least it wasn't glass!

We dealt with that. Then Esmé decided to take a tour of the house while eating her bowl of cereal, so you can follow the milk trail should you decide to join her. The tour ended at my laptop, which subsequently got to sit in a puddle of milk for a short while. At least it's still working!

I haven't showered yet (something I do religiously every morning well ahead of this time). Esmé was asleep when I picked her up from day care at 5 yesterday, and she slept right through until 4 this morning (so we're backlogged on all the Advent things we were supposed to do yesterday) - and today we've already gotten the snow painting, reindeer painting, and finger painting out of the way. While Esmé is occupied with giving Blue the monkey drum lessons, I'm taking a quick sanity break before bringing out the shaving cream to do "snow" play on the floor, which is in bad need of a mop.

I've got piles of girls' clothes to sort through from the cousins while Esmé tries on multiple outfits or just layers them all. A second washing of the bedding to do after a second guest. Laundry piles up faster than I can keep up. Dishes haven't been done since Wednesday, and I've got SIX reviews absolutely due today, along with tons of others that should have been done long ago. Blog post ideas whirl through my head while I think about all the blogs I want to catch up on.

Can you believe we are going to check out a dog tomorrow that a family is wanting to give away?

I feel like I've eaten a huge Thanksgiving meal and am uncomfortably stuffed, but can't think of of anything I wish I hadn't eaten because it's all so good, and I'm trying to figure out how to fit the pumpkin pie in, too. And I am thankful for everything.

I'm thankful for a little girl who loves Christmas and is in awe of the manger scene. I'm thankful for people who come to visit, and for plenty of clothes to choose from. I'm thankful for lots of books to read, and for grape juice made by someone other than myself. I'm thankful for big screen TVs and a little schoolhouse that will be filled with hours of fun and learning. And while we kind of faded in the last part of the 30 Days of Thanks in November, I'm thankful for a little girl who loves to grab a pen and paper and ask me what I'm thankful for while she practices making letters, and who helps me fill her Christmas journal out with all the things that make her happy.

Now, I'm gonna stick Lady and the Tramp into the DVD player and take a shower...