Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mission Sunday

In the midst of the busyness surrounding us, here are a few things to ponder...
  1. A post on the spirit of Christmas and how seeing extreme poverty changes us at Moms, Ministry, and More.
  2. Also at Moms, Ministry, and More: a devotional book by missionaries, with sales that benefit missionaries...
  3. The birth of a new ministry to combat malnutrition at Be "The Hands and Feet".
  4. A fun advent calendar for kids that is outward focused at Kids' Corner.
  5. A Carols of Christmas study over at Women of the Harvest.
  6. And my favorite link this week is I'm Dreamin' of a .....Oh, Wait.... by Octamom - a great reminder to leave behind our perfectionism and soak in blessings of the season.


Debbie said...

I will check these out! It is so hard to stay focused on the right things this season.