Friday, November 20, 2009

Commercial Break

Esmé's Mommy here with a newsflash...

We are going to take a commercial break for the weekend!

It'll be fun, promise! Kinda like the Superbowl commercials. And we'll throw in a few goodies while we're at it.

So hang around; we'll be right back with our regularly scheduled programming after these messages...

Let's start with a few links:
  1. Totally Tots - a totally terrific site for moms of tots with all kinds of resources. We are totally going to be snagging some of their tot Christmas activities - they've got one for every day in December through Christmas! And guess who's featured there today? Seriously?
  2. Remember the cool giraffe we made during "G" school? You can find it here at One Million Giraffes. There are some really creative giraffes on that site - join in the fun and submit your own! By the way, Esmé is totally in love with giraffes after that week. Whenever she sees one, it gets picked up and carried around for a long time - toy ones, that is. It's no wonder the giraffes are the most bedraggled in our Noah's Ark sets.
  3. I'm guessing most of you already use a form filler tool for online forms, but what about all those giveaways you may be entering where all the data has to go in the comment section? I discovered PhraseExpress recently, and it's terrific! You can set up "shortcut" keys to enter text you use all the time. For instance, all I do to enter my email address in the comment section is type two keys, and it fills my email in for me. And it automatically recognizes text strings you type in all the time, so it'll prompt you to tab and fill in the rest of the string after you've started typing it. It's FREE to download. (and I am getting nothing for this promotion - I just love it and wanted to share! Public Service Announcement and all that.)
  4. Did you know that yesterday was National World Toilet Day?! How on earth did I miss this? It would have been perfect for potty practice...