Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Esmé (30 months) is still talking a lot. And asking more and more questions.

Like "Why?" Yep, she's discovered that one now. The unending question where you never reach a satisfactory answer as you peel back the layers.

But when we ask the same question, we always get a circular answer.

"I NEED to open the freezer!"


"Because I NEED to open the freezer!"

And that completely answers the "Why?" question as far as she's concerned.

Yep, she's definitely the queen of circular reasoning. This kind of conversation happens all too often:

Esmé: "You are a yoyodote!"

Mommy: "What's a yoyodote?"

Esmé: "YOU are!"

I need to recite more scripture with her. I was reading a little book about Psalm 23, when she started correcting me.

"No, Mommy! It's Little Bo Peep! Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep!"

I could have convinced her it was Mary with her little lamb, or Baa Baa the black sheep. But not Psalm 23...

Self-identity continues to be an issue. But she knows she is NOT a "Sure."

Mommy: "You're a skunk!"

Esmé: "I am NOT a skunk!"

Mommy: "Are you sure?"

Esmé: "I am NOT sure! I am a BOY! AND I am a girl."

Speaking of boys versus girls, here's how you tell the difference.

Esmé put some lip gloss on me. "NOW you are a girl!" she said.

We've been studying "green" for "G" week. Here are the results of the very scientific playdough study:

"Blue and yellow make green! Blue and yellow and green make a snake!"

We're still "working" (or is it "playing") at the potty thing. No pressure or anything; the potty simply sits there begging for use every once in a while...

As Esmé sat there one evening, she folded up her legs. "Look, I made a pretzel!" she exclaimed.

Not quite the kind of "pretzel" I was hoping for on the potty...

She makes new discoveries every day.

"Are you brushing your teeth?!" she asked excitedly one evening. "What's WRONG with you?"

Yep - apparently I NEVER brush my teeth unless something is terribly wrong...

I love the way she describes reading. When she wants me to read to her, she says, "Get a book! Talk to the book!"

Alternatively, when we're struggling to get to sleep at night, I've taken to telling her stories in the dark. And when I finish the story, it's "Read it again! Read it again!"

If only I had such a photographic memory that I could simply read it again...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing precious Esme's venture into the complicated English language & reasoning! Love it! Brought many smiles! Give her a big hug from Auntie Susan!

Amy said...

She is so cute and turning into such a smart little girl.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

too funny! I bet you have a few good laughs everyday

Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

Now every time I hear the 23rd psalm I will think of Little Bo Peep . . . too funny.

Rachel said...

Cute! Ali is convinced that mixing all colors create pink. Everything makes pink, Because pink is the bomb...right?

Davene said...

Wow, you captured a lot of goodies for this TTT.

Your girlie is so cute!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

WOW - she is getting so big - look how long her hair is :)

You have seriously remembered so many great things that capture that age. I love it!

ShEiLa said...

Check out those gorgeous eyes....
and little painted fingernails.

I will remember to keep my lips gloss on so that I can be a girl.


Madeline said...

Your lucky that Why? is answered so easily. My parents STILL talk about how I would go around the world with Why? questions.