Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mission Sunday

In keeping with the randomness of late, here are some random mission-related links for you this Sunday...
  1. Just a quick shout-out for General Mills' Join My Village program, a new approach to fighting global poverty through the empowerment of women and girls. Join now to help General Mills donate up to $500,000.
  2. I've linked up to Katie at The Journey before. In this post she talks about the importance of helping just one, even if it seems overwhelming that you can't help them all...
  3. Shilo at My Place of Peace has started a fun "What's Different" feature on her blog about life in Paraguay. Every time I read one I think, "Well, in Mozambique it was like THIS...." Check out the Widow Maker, Mopping, and Greetings...
  4. From In the Middle of Nowhere comes a post about friends - and the challenges of maintaining friendships while living a missionary life.
  5. And Laura at Clearly Living has a couple of posts to mention, too. First, the fun Mozambique's Top Male Model Search. Then the news of her boy Paulo's death. And a not-so-fun "what's different" post about Mozambican hospitals.
  6. If you've thought about international adoption, here's a post for you from Splashin' Glory: In Mommy's Heart.
  7. On the same theme, I've been following the journey to bring little Josie home over at Joining the Journey. Read Home Sweet Home for advice to potential adoptive parents. And Obedience Trumps Worst Case Scenario for thoughts on why doing the illogical sometimes makes sense.
  8. Last but not least, check out Coffeegirl Confessions for a look at seasons around the world.
Checking in from a rare crisp autumn day in the Northwest, and wishing you all a fabulous week of changing the world where you are...


Laura said...

Hello from Moz!
Thanks so much for linking to my blog again, that is so kind of you!
I am heading to the US soon, arriving on Halloween. I'll be up in Roseburg around Thanksgiving and would love to meet you - finally - if our schedules match up! I should be there a day or two before Thanksgiving and then about a week afterward.
Hey, I've won THREE things since I start seeing some of these blog giveaways thru your winning readings site! A set of custom notecards and two books. I can't believe it!
Thanks for posting all those!
Blessings, Laura