Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Auntie Ann is visiting right now, and Esmé (29 months) is playing with a camel family she brought with her.

Auntie Ann: "Do camels live in the desert?"

Esmé: "Yep."

Auntie Ann: "Do you know where there is a desert?"

Esmé: "Yep."

Auntie Ann: "Where is a desert?"

Esmé: "In the sandbox!"

Pappa and Esmé are reviewing calculus symbols. Pappa draws some.

"This is an integral?" Esmé points.

"This is a differential?" She points again.

"Maybe I'll just draw a circle." And she draws a circle.

During bathtime after unloading our container from Mozambique, we were discussing all we had done that day.

"You've been busy," I say. "Unpacking, and cleaning..."

"Unpacking, and cleaning," she continues, "and getting out of the way!"

Yep, a very busy girl...


Kori said...

Did she spend more time getting out of the way than unpacking and cleaning? In the perfect world, that would be the case! :)

ShEiLa said...

tiny talk.
gotta love it cause it always makes me smile.


grammy said...

That is a very big job...Getting Out of The Way.

Pamela said...

wish I'd written down all the things my girls said many years ago.

one thing I know they DID NOT say was intregral and differential. wow.

Amy said...

How sweet. I love her look on life.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love it! Getting out of the way is a very important job :)

Happy TTT!

Enjoy some time playing in the desert.

Healthy & Happy said...

Yep Esme knows her stuff! Thanks
Esme for helping me get my colors straightened out reading about what colored animals we saw this morning! I miss you Esme! Next time you can teach me more about calculus and stuff too....