Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mission Sunday

Today we've got two brand new blogs to share with you.
  1. The first belongs to Renee of Serving His Children. She is just arriving in Uganda right now. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I feel so inspired after reading her first few blog posts. I want to get on the next flight and join her! You can read the posts yourself at Be "Hands and Feet."

  2. The next blog, Third World Hope for the Hopeless, belongs to 11-year-old Steven. Steven is raising funds for a month-long trip to Mozambique next year. He wants to take supplies and help out at Laura's orphanage. I don't know Steven, but I do know a bit about Laura and what her organization in doing in Mozambique. And I know a trip like this can completely transform a 11-year-old American's life. So please take a moment to leave a comment on Steven's blog to encourage him in this goal of his!

Have a blessed week!


jk said...

My daughter's name is Esme as well...She's three and I blog about her and her siblings and love checking out your blog as well regularly. I loved your potty training post a while back. We're going through the same thing in our house as well! Love all your activity ideas :)