Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Words overheard from newly-25-month-old Miss Esmé recently:

While hugging stuffed bear: "Oh Bear! I love you! You beyou-ful! I hug you!"

While eating ice cream: "Dis ice cweam nice. Esmé like ice cweam!"

While stepping into a container filled with water and plastic boats: "I boat!"

In response to "What is this?" while looking at a butterfly candle in the mall: "Happy birt-day!"

I think she's counting the days til her next birthday, or at least til we let her blow candles out again.


pucktricks said...


Kori said...

Every time O. sees cake, he says happy birtday too. Since we have 5 birthdays between March and May, this has been a lot of fun. As you can imagine.

dani said...

i agree with esme, ice cream is very nice and sounds good right now:P
dani xxx