Friday, May 1, 2009


I went on a safari after church last weekend! We got to go into the Wildlife Safari village for free thanks to some cool kids' event going on there, and I thought you'd want to know all about it. Right? Of course...

So first we went in and saw a cheetah by the entry gate. No photo, though - they wouldn't let me in to pet the nice kitty, so all we have is a photo with the fence in focus. Blurry cheetah...

Then I made a hippo mask at a tent. I gave it to Mommy to carry in her purse so I could run around better.

Right across from the hippo mask tent were these flamigos! Mommy says it kind of felt like we were in a retirement area in Florida - they looked so fake! But they woke up later and started fighting. And this counts as my official bird watching for "B" school...
Then I saw an awesome slide play area! I climbed up and went down the slide LOTS of times! Some of the bigger kids wanted to help me, but when they did I lost my favorite cool purple dress shoes. Mommy found them for me, but only after crawling around in the bark in her church clothes...

Then I made a handprint on a mural with blue paint, which I also got all over my church clothes. But I got a Tootsie Pop in exchange, so it was definitely worth it.

Oh yeah - the animals... Right. I got sidetracked by the slide. Then and now.

We walked and saw some camels. All of a sudden this week I have been seeing camels everywhere, now that I know what they are!
And we walked some more and saw monkeys. I LOVE monkeys!
Then we met up with Auntie Delia and Rachel and baby Eleanor. And we slowly made our way back to the SLIDE! I wanted to go on the slide!

But I was still sucking on my Tootsie Pop. Mommy gave me choices. She said I could go on the slide OR have my Tootsie Pop. But not both at the same time. I DON'T LIKE those choices. CHOICES are NO FUN! Someone, please come up with a better option than CHOICES, like having it ALL, or I will cry my heart out for the rest of my life.

Fortunately Auntie Delia came up with another OPTION! I got to make a bracelet from fruit loops. I forgot all about my Tootsie Pop - can you believe it? So we covered a couple more Bs - bracelet, and Toucan Sam who eats fruit loops, and toucans live in Brazil (and eat tropical fruit, in case you were wondering), which we studied for B week...
Then we went to see some tiny monkeys. They are so cute!
Here's a closeup...
We saw bunches of other animals, too. Finally we got to the barn animals! Here I am pretending to be a cow. Don't we look like twins?
This donkey made a really loud braying sound that was totally awesome! I wish I could do that.
Here is one of the goats I fed. Except Mommy had to help me feed them - it was scary - so we didn't get any photos of me feeding them.

Don't I make an innocent-looking lamb?

Speaking of innocent - then we headed back to the entrance to leave, cuz it was getting kinda cold. But I saw some wagons there! And I insisted that I needed to ride in the wagon. Innocent and insistent are pretty much the same thing, right? They sound alike to me! So Mommy pulled me around the park again in the wagon.

And then we headed back to the entrance, and Mommy drug me out of the wagon to leave again. But this time I saw a push car. And I was my innocent insistent self again. And so Mommy pushed me through the park again in my car.

This time we went by the train that carries people through the park. I WANTED to GET ON THAT TRAIN! So I jumped out of my car and beelined to the train barrier to run after the train! Mommy had to run and grab me kicking and screaming so we could go back to the entrance and leave.

All that was such a blast that I fell asleep in the car on the way back to town. Bet you would have loved it, too!

Have a blessed weekend!


Somebody Loved said...

Flamingos have always been so interesting to me... I can imagine I would watch them for hours.

Monkeys, NO. Although I have watched them... at the zoo... I have never wanted to own one.

Now that I say that outloud... I never wanted to own a flamingo either.

Maybe my favorite thing about these animals is that you rarely see them and most of the time it is in a zoo.

I guess the big difference...
monkeys throw poop around and flamingos don't!


Pam said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! Ashlyn is into monkeys right now too- I'm not sure where this new love came from, but she is all about the monkeys!

Muthering Heights said...

That looks like so much fun!!

One Mom said...

We have a grandparent's membership at our local zoo..we love the animals...the kids seem to love the merry-go-round,the train and the playground the best! Go figure!

Madeline said...

What a fun "safari"! Looks like y'all have a very nice zoo.

lara said...

Looks like you guys had a great time at the zoo.