Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mission Sunday Stuff

We've got a bunch of stuff for you today! So let's turn on the numbering...

  1. Remember the African Alphabet CD giveaway during Operation Love Zimbabwe in February? Well, we met musician Graeme Sacks (in a virtual way) through that giveaway, and he has since started his own blog, African ABC. Check out this post (with some great photos), Visiting a School in Albert Street, about their performance at a Zimbabwean refugee school.

  2. This year the Riverbend Ranch Charity Carnival is supporting two African charities. Seeds in HIS Garden is a home and and school for 27 orphaned and abandoned children in Nairobi, Kenya. And Agape Children's Ministry is a ministry begun for the abandoned street boys in Kisumu, Kenya, which has grown to include dormitories, a primary school, and a vocational training school. So if you are into some good old fashioned family fun and live anywhere near Oakdale, California, check out the Riverbend Ranch Charity Carnival on June 13, 2009! And if you don't live in the area, you can support the carnival financially. Or better yet, look at what they are doing and considering starting something similar in your area!

  3. Living in Mozambique, we whined occasionally about not having some "necessities." But we were constantly amazed by the ingenuity of the Mozambicans in resolving their problems. Check out this "Innovation" post and comments over at Coffeegirl Confessions for examples of ingenuity...

  4. And congrats to the Coppedge family of Abiding in Africa on the arrival of baby Lucy Mae, in Uganda!