Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday 13 - Kickin' and Screamin'

Today has been a kickin' and screamin' kinda day.
  1. First I wanted to watch my Dance DVD rather than eat my breakfast. Even though I had just finished watching it. I wanted to watch it again! Drag me to the table kickin' and screamin'.

  2. Then I didn't want to take a bath after breakfast! Even though I skipped it last night cuz I fell asleep before I could take one. Even though there were bubbles in the bath. Drag me to the bathtub kickin' and screamin'. And see how hard I can make it for you to get my shirt and pants and diaper off!

  3. After my bath I wanted to sit on the potty. And sit. And sit. And sit. I did NOT want to have another diaper put on. Force that diaper on me kickin' and screamin'!

  4. Then I wanted somebody to read me stories. And more stories. And more stories. Finally Mommy said we HAD to get ready to go to town. Put away my books kickin' and screamin'!

  5. In town we went to the library. I met some other kids there. We played with the dollhouse dolls in the kiddy section. Their mom read us some books. Finally they left, and Mommy said we had to leave, too. Drag me outa that library kickin' and screamin'!

  6. We picked up some lunch and staked out the airport again! This time a plane took off, and a plane landed! And we saw a plane fly around up dere, too! And that FedEx plane we saw in the rain last time? I met the pilot! He asked if I was a future pilot! Yep, me! A future pilot! I wanted to go check out all the planes on the tarmac up close and personal - get a sense of my future. But Mommy said only authorized people could go past the fence. Drag me away from there kickin' and screamin'! Do they think I'm some kinda security threat or something?

  7. So on our way back to the car, I practiced my balancing act. You know, those bump things they put in front of the parking spaces to make sure the cars don't park too far forward? I walked on those! Yep! I took teeny tiny baby steps and balanced on those strips all the way back to the car. And I wanted to keep on going past the car! Drag me to the car kickin' and screamin'!

  8. Then we went to Safeway, and I got to drive the little police car in front of the shopping cart. And I stuck on my Canada knit cap for looks. Just before it was time to check out, we parked in front of some salt and pepper containers, you know those cute little picnic-type shakers? I HAD to play with them. But Mommy overrode my driving, so I left those cute little things kickin' and screamin'.

  9. But I got to pay for the groceries. Yep - ME! I swiped my credit card through the slot all by myself! But Mommy wouldn't let me sign. It's MY credit card, though, right? So what's the big deal? Mommy had to strap me back in the car, kickin' and screamin'.

  10. Then we drove to the park. I fell asleep on the way. At the park, Mommy transitioned me to the stroller, planning to get a walk in while I napped. Hello? We're at the park! How am I supposed to sleep when I hear kids playin' all around! Get me OUT of this stroller, or I'm gonna kick and scream!

  11. Oh, I do so love the playground! I could stay here forever! But Mommy drags me away, kickin' and screamin', something about going to swimming class. Take me back, Mommy! Slide! Swing! Slide! Swing! I'm gonna fight with all my might on this one! No way you can buckle me in the stroller! Try carrying me, but I'm gonna struggle and cry! And everyone is gonna be looking at you wondering why you're torturing me this way!

  12. OK, have it your way. We'll head back to the car to go to swimming class. But check out this sand on the sidewalk! I can write with my toes in the sand! Way cool! Stop, Mommy! I wanna play in the sand on the sidewalk! And there's a drinking fountain! I want to play in the drinking fountain!

  13. Ooooooh! Swimming! I so love to swim! I love to play with my ducks! And I love to sing the Hokey Pokey song with the other kids in my class! And I love to splash! I HATE to get my ears wet. And don't even think of dunking my head in the water. I'm gonna scream now! But I'll scream even louder if you make me get out of this pool. Who cares if it's time for the next class to get in? Ahh! Pappa to the rescue! He's gonna take me in the cold pool (no class there) with him! It's cold! I'm shivering! But I don't wanna get out! And now I'm even colder! And I don't wanna take a shower! And I don't wanna put on my sweater to go outside! And I don't wanna get in my car seat!

Passed out on the trip back home.

Don't stress, readers. It wasn't all bad. Here are photos from the playground today to prove it! (And since 5 Minutes for Mom is looking for fun playground photo posts to promote Kaboom - "a play space within walking distance of every child," we're linking up there, too...)

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jojoebi said...

LOL must be something in the air!

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Oh that's sooo funny! nice to know it happens to us all. (: Enjoy a peaceful deep sleep. Its exhausting kickin and screamin! For mum and bubs.(: Great post.

Puna said...

Ahhh, I remember when my kids were that little! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

One Mom said...

Just another typical day, right Esme! Mommy and Papa can be so bossy sometimes!

Jennifer said...

It sounds like it was a very full day... did she go to bed on time?

Anonymous said...

Glad to know we're not the only ones to have days like this!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I could so totally hang out with you watching airplanes. My friend that just passed away gave me many opportunities to watch airplanes while she had her dialysis. McCarren Airport in Las Vegas was only a couple miles from the medical center she went to for her treatments.

I love watching airplanes... and like Esme... I wish I could get closer too.


Pamela said...

I wonder who was worn out most at the end of the day... ha ha.

The photos just don't indicate any kickin' & screamin' at all. giggle.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I LOVE those playground photos!!! And you've done such a fabulous job arranging them all.

Thanks for sharing!

Michael J. Bennie said...

The agony and the ecstasy of being two...thanks for enduring the cruel oppression of your parents, Esme, and sharing about it here. Tell me if things get any better. ;)

melanie said...

Sounds like a typical day! Isn't this age fun??

Sometimes I wonder if Hailey is worse than the other kids, so it's nice to read things like this and see that she acts just like the other 2 year olds!

dani said...

sometimes, it's hard being 2, huh, esma:/ i'm glad you had a good time at the park, though:)
i love your montage!!!
much love,
aunt dani xxx

kristen@nosmallthing said...

I love those collages!

Jennifer said...

Did you see this linky love?


Laura said...

Hey, on a very practical note, how did you make that photo page to put on your blog??? I love it! A great way to showcase a variety of photos!