Monday, April 13, 2009


This week's Unplugged theme is "Transportation," and since we're studying "A," we focused on airplanes! Cuz like I told Pappa, "Ay-pane "A" word! Ay-pane up dere! Go ay-port NOW!"

So here I lined up all my stuffed airplanes. Me and British Airways - we got a partnership going. I even got more of these back in Mozambique!
Then Mommy and I got Taco Bell food and staked out the local regional airport while I slurped on my Fruitista Freeze. Cept it was raining so this is all we saw the whole time - no takeoffs or landings. You don't hear me complaining, though. I'd hang out at the airport 24/7 if I could.
I did airplane stickers, too. Mommy figured out FINALLY that I love stickers if she'll draw a background for me to put them on, instead of just giving me a blank piece of paper.
And I did an archaeological dig to find some plaster planes buried beneath alphabet macaroni rubble. I'm learning to carefully brush away the debris on these digs.
And the planes were salvageable! So I painted them. Mostly white. White paint on white plaster. White on white is always good - I got fashion sense, you know...
I saw Mommy folding up some planes, so I grabbed them and said "Esmé do it!" Here I am showing Mommy how it's done.
Mine didn't fly so well, though, so I grabbed Pappa's and flew it. Pappa tried to show me how it's done, but I already know. "Esmé do it!" Cept even Pappa's didn't fly so well when I did it.
So of course we needed an airport for all these planes. Mommy started to work on the runway under my supervision, but ultimately "Esmé do it!"
Then Mommy started building a control tower out of blocks, but "Esmé do it!" in the end. And we lined up all the planes on the runway.
After all that, I was hungry and needed a good old-fashioned airplane meal. So Mommy got me an Amy's Mac & Cheese dinner. She tried to get a photo of me eating, but "Esmé do it!"
See - my photography skills are excellent! Seriously. Mommy says we might do an exhibition of more of my recent photos later this week. If I could just get the cat and the Pappa photo subjects to cooperate better.
Oh yeah, we read some airplane books, too. Freddie goes on an airplane by Nicola Smee was pretty good. But my favorite was I Love Planes! by Philemon Sturges. I could read that one for hours!
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Mom and Kiddo said...

my son would love to have his own runway and control tower!

One Mom said...

Esme is such a seasoned traveler! What would you expect from a now 2 year old who writes her own blog! Can Esme do it? Yes, she can!

shopannies said...

looking good looks like you had a great time with the letter A for airplane

Anonymous said...

I love airports, too, Esme. I never get tired of watching planes ... even if I don't get to see them in the air! I have a number of pictures of Bug's hands reaching for the camera ... if she had more words "Bug do it!" would be a common theme heard around here, too!

Ladybird said...

What great ideas. My husband is an airplane fanatic, so he would love to teach EC about all these things! Love your blog! Thanks for dropping by mine!

Chas said...

Who would have thought that airplanes could provide so many fun activities? I just love the runway, especially the part that you did, Esme.

dani said...

great airplane ideas and fun!!!
aunt dani xxx

Anonymous said...

Esme you are just such a cutie. I always want to do things myself too.

Danielle said...

awesome!~ Love the runway. :) That really does look like plane food. I love amy's mac n cheese. YUM!

Carla said...

What an exciting Airplane day!

'Esmé do it'-words to live by:)

Pamela said...

You do such fun things with her. An airplane meal -- ha ha.

But, it looks better than one. ha ha