Sunday, March 1, 2009

Isaiah 58 Missions

Esme's Mommy again...

Here we sit in rainy Oregon, waiting for the wheels to turn.

Each week we run into people who say, "Oh, you're still here! I thought for sure you'd be back in Africa by now! When are you leaving?"

There are a couple of ways to interpret that, of course, but we choose to assume only the best!

Our answer is, "We wish we knew!"

We've got a meeting in Portland next week that will let us know more definitively whether we'll be heading to "our" orphanage (where the dream began), or whether we'll be trailblazing our way to Zimbabwe.

In the meantime, we've set up a nonprofit organization in Oregon called Isaiah 58 Missions. This will allow us to fundraise for our Zimbabwean orphans, wherever they may be, as well as for other missions we'd like to support. It will give us maximum flexibility to follow wherever God calls us.

If you shop online, I'd like to introduce you to The Link Mosaic. The Link Mosaic is a charity mall - a percentage of all purchases made through this portal are donated to a charity. And for the month of March, that charity is Isaiah 58 Missions' Zimbabwe project.

So please bookmark this page. If you're making a purchase through, eBay, or a number of other big online retailers, start here. And you'll be making a contribution to Zimbabwe's orphans, without any added cost to you.


Prasti said...

the link mosaic-great idea! i passed on the site to my little sister who is considering a new computer purchase :) along with some other fam. members.

Retiredandcrazy said...

They also serve who only stand and wait. Sometimes waiting is so hard isn't it? I have book marked the mosaic site too.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...


I guess I didn't realize that you might be getting your own orphanage. Make sure you keep me/us informed on this tidbit. Also let us know about the fundraisers... or where donations can be sent.

Link Mosaic... you learn something new everyday. Thanks.


Mom R said...

My name is Eileen Rife. I am a freelance writer and speaker whose three daughters are involved in mission work around the world. I have written a fiction series centered in India at an orphanage. Books One and Two are now available. I am conducting a virtual blog tour.

Would you be interested in posting an interview of the books on your blog? Thanks for whatever you can do to help me get the message of these books out!

Book One: Journey to Judah is based on my own missionary daughter's love story. My passion in writing the novel is to help folks understand that following the Lord is not a step to fear, but a fulfilling journey on which He proves to be a faithful protector and provider.

Book Two: Restored Hearts picks up with a character introduced in Book One. His journey could be any of our journeys with all the complications it entails when dealing with a powerful stronghold in one's life. My passion is to help those who long to be free from any addiction or bondage and to help the Church respond with compassion.

Book Three: Chosen Ones deals with a young girl caught up in sex trafficking and how God uses a missionary couple experiencing infertility to reach out to her.

Melissa said...

Awesome! Good luck with the non-profit, and with The Link Mosaic. Hopefully you'll raise a lot of orphan bucks that way!
And good luck at your meeting in Portland. :o)

angie said...

I didn't even realize you were back in Oregon......I guess I'm really out of touch!

Kate said...

Oh man, the waiting period can be tough. And the charity mall opportunity sounds great. I just added it to my site favorites.

grammy said...

Sorry things seemed to be stalled for you right now. Thanks for mission Sunday. I spent a lot of time visiting with the boys at the orphanage. There are a few i would love to bring home. Alas...I am to old. i know it is not an easy thing to do either.

Laura said...

I'm not sure I entirely understand the mosaic site - so any link I click on, because I arrived at their site thru Mosaic, they automatically track that and make a donation, to you this month?
Just curious, how did they happen to select OLZ for this month? That is so cool!


Greetings, my name is Imad, and I am the owner/webmaster of LinkMosaic. I am a close friend of Jean’s sister and that is how LINKMOSAIC got linked with this project.
LM is a personal initiative to utilize “affiliate” programs that various companies offer for websites to refer people. Those banners you see on yahoo, Google, which inform you of sales and deals are “affiliate” links that have a special code in the web address to identify the source.
For example:
Should take you to the same site on ebay. But the second one is an affiliate link that tells eBay who referred the person; in this case it is link mosaic.
Other webs sites use your purchasing power and volume and offer you some rebates like and some offer to deposit in college fund like And some offer charity rebates.
Google “charity mall” and you will see what I mean.
These sites might have some admin cost so they will not offer you back the full commission they earn.
Link mosaic is still a simple operation and I really give back most of what comes and I do it as personal cause so I don’t have admin cost, but at the same time my earnings as you can see on the site are small.
Thank you for the support, I am really hopeful about this month.
Please feel free to ask any questions or offer any suggestio and email me if you like:
God Bless. .