Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mission Sunday

Esmé's Mommy here.

This post by Laura at Clearly Living about her six years in Mozambique just warms my heart. I had to share it with you...

Laura works with boys ages 5-11 at a children's home in Mozambique. As her blog header puts it, she's "looking after orphans in their distress - trying to live with what is most precious clearly in mind - loving and serving God with my whole heart, mind, soul and strength."

Zimpeto, Laura's Mozambican hometown, is not too far from where we lived in Mozambique. And she has close ties to our hometown here in Oregon, too. Yet I only discovered her a year or so ago while looking for Mozambican blogs written in English. One of those weird coincidences (or providences) that proves that blogging really does make this a small world after all. While we haven't yet met in person, I don't doubt that the opportunity will come one of these days.

And I definitely encourage you to meet Laura through her blog, as well.

I've been enlightened several times that people coming across our blog are interested in finding mission blogs. So, due to popular demand, Sundays are now designated Mission Sundays, and you'll be finding links to mission blogs or mission stories featured here.

Join us for the journey! And if you've got a favorite mission blog or three, let me know about them in the comments. I'm looking forward to the inspiring discoveries!


Jennifer said...

What a great idea! I found your blog through Scribbit I think, but I stayed because you are a missionary blog!

I just hope my Google Reader will be able to handle all the additions!

Laura said...

Thanks so much for making me your first missions blog focus!! That is so kind of you, I am honored! I got a couple comments today from strangers and now I think I know how they found me!

And Jennifer, above, has been reading a while thanks to you and I enjoy reading her blog as well!
God IS using the blog-o-sphere, as he can use anything, for his purposes! And hopefully his glory!

Bless you and enjoy your time in Oregon as God prepares you for what is next! I always get the 'are you still here question' whenever I'm home.