Monday, February 9, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

This is my first venture into "Not Me!" Mondays, thanks to Auntie Ann. And let me tell you, I got LOTS to fess up to this week!

  1. I didn't pour my juice deliberately onto the floor and lap it up like a puppy. Nope.

  2. I didn't chew the ear buds off Papa's earphones. Not me.

  3. I didn't play "sandbox" in the kitty's litter box. How gross is that?!

  4. I did not use my markers on the dining room chairs. I wouldn't have to clean them, you know.

  5. I didn't hijack the DVD player to watch Barney. I LIKE watching Mommy & Papa's programming selections. Honest.

  6. I did NOT stuff play doh way up my nose and cry because I couldn't get it out. Why would I do something like that?

  7. I did NOT spin the office chair round and round while the cat was on it. Who wants to see a cat throw up? How silly!

  8. And I did NOT spin the office chair round and round while Mommy was on it!

  9. I absolutely did NOT chase after any boys at church. I'm quite content to be single until I'm 11. Patience, I've got!

  10. I didn't try to snitch the fuzzy blanket and sparkly earrings from the Operation Love Zimbabwe giveaway stash! Or bang on the drums. Well, maybe I DID want to spend a little time with them. But I'd save them up for you - honest!
See, here is a photo of my sweet, innocent 22-month-old self...


Jennifer said...

The sweet, innocent self who looks like she has locked herself in a prison of chair legs! :)

Carla said...

What a great idea for a post! Sounds like Little Miss was busy this week!

Pregnantly Plump said...

So funny!! She certainly had a busy week.

Rachel said...

WOW! That's quite a week!! You need a nice break after that one!! Cute post!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That was hilarious, thanks for the laugh :)

Montessori Secrets said...

This post is great! Your child sounds exactly like my kid! I can't wait for more "Not me" Mondays.