Friday, December 5, 2008

Super Easy Beanbags

Hey! I've been a little out of sorts watching everything disappear into boxes around here and even having to sleep in a different bed. But I had a really good nap today, so I just might survive!

Oh, and an update? Mommy says we are on the way to Zimbabwe, where I'll get to play with other kids at an orphanage there! We've got some details to work out and a few trips to take before we get there, but I think that's where we're going...

In the meantime, here is a guest post from Ms. Shannon. Mommy gets lots of cool ideas of things for me to do from her blog, so we're excited to share some of those on OUR blog!

Hi, I'm from TeachingTinytots. I have 2 wonderful girls that I love! I was a preK teacher for 11 years and worked in all the age groups during that time. I loved teaching my oldest before she went to Catholic school. She is doing wonderful in 2nd grade. I teach my youngest at home and plan to until she goes to Kindergarten. I started working on my Early Childhood Degree before I got pregnant and hope to finish after my youngest goes to school. Please check out my site:

S loves bean bag games. I will be posting lots of bean bag games over time, so here is a super easy super fast way to make them.

You'll need:

  1. An old sock that no one wears (w/o any holes)
  2. Ziploc baggies
  3. Rice or beans
To make them:

  1. Fill the baggies w/ about 1/2 c of rice or beans.
  2. Seal shut.
  3. Now place into the foot of the sock and tie the leg part into a knot so it is closed and the baggie of beans can't come out.
Now you have some beanbags ready for use whenever you need them!


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

CooL IdeA.


Sheila said...

Smart idea putting the beans in a baggie first. I wouldn't have thought of that (until the sock ripped open) lol.

Andrea said...

That IS easy. I love easy ideas. :)

Melissa said...

Without the ziploc baggie, the rice-sock can be heated in the microwave for a neck/foot/bed warmer. :o) I guess that's something you can do with the other sock!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Stopped by to get caught up. Life is an adventure, isn't it, especially overseas.

Did you get my email re: the guest post? I know you've been without internet...let me know if you didn't get it.

ann said...

Sounds like the move to Zimbabwe is long-term? I am sure that every day there will bring fresh heartbreaking stories to blog....

dani said...

zimbabwe, wow, j!!! i cannot wait to hear more???
hi, ms. shannon, i bet the kid love playing with your homemade bean bags;) what a great idea.