Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

"Wee wee" is the big news of the week! I've started putting Esmé (17 months) on her potty as I run her bath water. She doesn't stay there long, but she likes sitting on it.

One night this week she came running to me from the potty, excitedly saying "wee wee" as she pointed to it. And there WAS a suspicious spot of moisture on the potty. So maybe she gets it!

And it WAS her first time saying "wee wee" - I think that counts as another toilet milestone . . .

A couple of new words:
  • Bath - as in "Check me out, Mommy! I'm in the bath!" "No baby, that's the shower." "No, bath, Mommy, bath!"
  • Bed - as in "I love being on your bed, Mommy! This is the best place to be!"
And she uses "No" well in the right context. I need to stop asking rhetorical questions, because I might get the wrong answer. Like when I asked if she was ready to leave her cousins' house. "No!" came the answer loud and clear.
Speaking of beds, as much space as she takes up in our bed in the morning, it does make for a rather sweet alarm clock as she pokes at various parts of our body and says "ears," "nose," "knee," etc. very loudly. Or when she is softly muttering "ttttt," "tttttt," to herself for a few minutes, followed by a loudly shouted "button." Yep, she's finally got her "tttts" downpat!
And Esmé regularly gives us glimpses into the confusing world of babyhood. She brought me a book, excitedly showing me the letter "O" on the cover and saying "ball." "No, baby, that's a circle like a ball, but it is really the letter 'O'."

So she puts down the books and brings me a blue frisbee, once again saying "ball." "No, baby, that's a circle like a ball and like an 'O,' but it is really a frisbee."

One of these days it'll all click, I'm sure.
The latest in dental hygiene is her insistence on using a paintbrush to brush her teeth. We've struggled long and hard on identifying the difference between the uses of a toothbrush and a hair brush, and I thought we were making progress until the paintbrush entered the picture.
We are seeing a great future in store for her as a pickpocket. She has already started training. And she knows which types of currencies have the most value - she goes straight for the US dollars every time. Soon she will be able to support us so we can retire in style.


Christie O. said...

hahah! the pickpocket is hilarious. very cute! i love babies' little noises when they first wake up in the morning. so sweet.

One Mom said...

Ah, yes, it's their world and we are just passing through! Esme probably wonders why it's taking you so long to understand her language :)

melissa s. said...

what sweet little memories you're preserving here! i love going back to my early days of blogging and re-reading the stuff that would probably have been forgotten had i not blogged about it. it's like technology's baby book :-)

SarahHub said...

So sweet! Evie does the same thing in the morning, but not with body parts. She lists all the things in bed, and who they belong to. "Pillow, Daddy. Turtle, Evie. and on and on..."

I love that you write this. It makes me think back a few months, and gives me a great glimpse at little Esme!

Debra said...

Esme! A pickpocket? You would even be cute at that! God bless you today and always cutie pie!

Kori said...

Oh, the joys. Owen still wakes me up in the mornings,, but his is a vociferous "Get up!" while yanking the covers off the bed. There have been a couple of teims where he actually tried to fold up the bed (I sleep on a hide-a-bed in thel iving room) with me in it. All this before 6:00. I miss those sweet days... :)

Anonymous said...

For a while with The Bean, everything that ended in brush was for teeth according to her...hairbrush...paintbrush...basting brush. She's a silly Bean.

dani said...

j, i love babies ALL the time but in the morning IS the best!!!
though she may be a little confused about what is what, there is one thing about it; she's got the one-up on the "what doesn't belong in this group" tests:D

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh I love the sweet conversations with these little guys. Such a cute alarm clock...much better than the one on my header ;)

The "o" as a ball is quite thoughtful! Wow!

Happy TTT!

April said...

My 7yo still reaches in my pockets! Drives me nuts.