Monday, June 23, 2008


On my last post about my US trip, I ended with arriving at my cousins' in Portland the last Friday in May.

My cousins the 7 Cs are worthy of their own blog, but we'll try to get them all in one post. So it's gonna be a long one with lots of pictures. (And C doesn't stand for cousin - they all have the same initials.)
We got there late Friday evening, but they were all still awake and ready to play!  They had lots of kiddy toys for me to play with, like a xylaphone and this foam puzzle C#6 is helping me with.

And we played pat-a-cake.

They finally had to go to bed, but I didn't want to go - playing was way too much fun. So I cried instead. Daddy was worried about me waking up the house, so I went on my first car ride just to get me to sleep - Mommy & Daddy have never resorted to that before.

It was finally time to get up again - yeah! Here I am with C#4, deciphering the treasure hunt clue left by C#6. The treasure was a unicorn!

And posing with C#7

And here I am hanging out with C#s 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Then we went to Sabbath School. It was lots of fun! Mommy was drooling over all the props and stuff - we don't have that in Mozambique. Though maybe we're working on it. Here I am riding a donkey with my very important sippy cup - never go on a trip without it!

And now waving palm branches with Auntie B.

And with C#1 making sure I don't get into mischief or something like that.

Eating my animal crackers. I am eyeing the girl's next to me - as soon as I finish mine, I'm gonna try some of hers. Mommy doesn't let me, though. So I get some of my cousins' cookies instead.

Then we had lunch there at the church, followed by a story hour.

Here I am trying on C#1's shoes.

And demonstrating them for C#2.

Then I left early to take a nap. But I didn't nap too long - I had to get up and play some more!

Here I am back at the cousins' house, reading with C#3.

And cooking ambulances with C#4.

And they taught me how to play the piano.

They've got boxes of clothes my size, so we went through them and took a bunch to take back to Mozambique.

Before we left, we did some boarding down the driveway. It was a bit steep, so I decided not to do the whole thing.

And then we had to go and leave all the fun behind . . . and take a much needed nap on the drive back to Roseburg.


Pam said...

Looks like lots of fun for everyone! I love the pictures in the pads and shades- one very cool baby!

Sandy's Notes said...

What great moments taken! That skate board is just too much. What a pro!

maggie's mind said...

Aw, such adorable pictures, and it looks like a really great time had by all!

Sandra said...

Ohhh what great fun. I know how precious these moments and photos are to you having just gone through my own family trip ;)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Esme, you are a gorgeous little girl!!

casual friday everyday said...

Those kiddos are so lucky and blessed to have one another. Sadly, it looks like we'll be the only ones in my family or hubby's to have kids...

Stephanie said...

Those high heels photos made me smile. My daughter loves slipping on my shiny red high heels and prancing around our house in them! :)