Tuesday, April 22, 2008


In just one week we are getting on a big airplane and flying for hours and hours to the US! I am very excited! We have been making paper airplanes and singing airplane songs and learning how to spell airplane.

So now Mommy and Daddy are discussing all the important things, like - Do we take a car seat? No. Do we take Esmé's skateboard? Yes. Do we take it as a carry on? Maybe - she can practice on the plane aisles. Do we take Daddy's tennis racket? What do we need to buy to bring back? Books? No. Yes. No. Yes.

Mommy here: Does anyone have tips (outside of Benadryl) on surviving a zillion hours on transcontinental flights with a 12-month-old on your lap?

Gotta get to work - lots to do before next Tuesday!


Michelle said...

A bag of novelties... things she hasn't seen at all, perhaps a small toy or two, a one-year-old-appropriate puzzle or book, some "treat" snacks she'd not normally get, a pocket CD player of her fave songs with headphones (or iPod?). Between naps, the great art of distraction. Pull out all the old nursery rhymes you grew up with, the old games ("fly away Peter, fly away Paul") - make a game of cloud-spotting or star-spotting. Hope that helps :-)