Monday, March 17, 2008

Sundry Topics

My birthday is coming up soon. I know this because Mommy is working on birthday party invitations. So I got into her birthday supply cupboard and started wrapping myself in “Happy Birthday” streamers.

Here’s a photo of me being an “entropy catalyst” (to use Uncle Mike’s term). I emptied out my package of diapers all over the floor – it should make them much more accessible for Mommy when she needs one.

Mommy also wanted me to let people know about my trash-swapping talents. I like putting things into the trash (plastic containers, spoons, toys) and taking stuff out (carrot peels, used plastic bags . . .). As long as things balance out, no big deal, right?

We found yesterday out our friends aren’t coming with the Auburn Adventist Academy group this week. So I won’t get to play with their little girl – bummer! But they are having triplets, which I think is very cool.

We watched Hidalgo on the “big screen” yesterday with some friends. Well, I only watched a little. As Mommy says, she hasn’t watched a movie all the way through since I was born. (Well, there was one, but she watched it in bits and pieces and finished it in the car on the way to the beach while I was strapped in my car seat and couldn’t get into mischief.)

Tonight we went to my favorite Indian restaurant. My friend C. is leaving Mozambique next week, so it was a farewell meal. He is walking, too, so we had lots of fun walking around and around and around the tables, wearing our mommies out. Here is a photo of him: