Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slippers and Wine

We went to Nelspruit on Sunday: Mommy, Daddy, and me. Mommy had a doctor's appointment and Daddy needed to buy some things for work (that postponed trip from last week). So I had to tag along – this is me riding in the car again. Did I mention I am still sick?

Animals. We went down Sunday so we could get a few things done at the border and get an early start on Monday, and we took a 1½ hour detour through Krueger Park. I actually looked at some animals this time – always before I was much more interested in what was inside the car. The first animl that caught my eye was a giraffe. It was REAALLLLY tall – I had to look up a long ways. It was right next to the car eating branches. There were some cute little baby monkeys playing on the ground – I had to look WAAAY down to see them. And there were lots of impala and some elephants and a hippo, too. We didn't see any zebra until we were on our way back home and there was one by the side of the road, not in the park.

Sleep. The places we stayed didn't have air conditioning, so we were blown away with fans. I had fun exploring new places, though Mommy moved all the breakable stuff out of my way – bummer. It was fun to sleep between Mommy and Daddy again, and now I don't like my crib anymore.

Clinic. I was golden when at Mommy's doctor, but we had to wait for Daddy a while in the clinic downstairs. So I read up on Osteoporosis and then ripped the brochure and dumped it in the trash can. Rubbish. Then I browsed the Wine magazine and learned all about "Blending Bordeaux Wine." I'm an expert now – ask me anything! Then I made the rounds visiting all the sick people in the clinic and passing my flu germs on. Then I made the rounds of all four trash cans in the clinic, inspecting the contents, though Mommy wouldn't let me play with them. I did tear up a couple of magazines.

Mall. Mommy and I went around and around and around and around the shopping mall while waiting for Daddy. I like people, so didn't mind too much. I walked some when I wasn't navigating from the cart.

Mail. There was a package in the mail (we get that at the mall in Nelspruit) from Grandma! It had slippers for me! Plus a cat puppet and a calendar and some chapstick, which felt really good on my chapped nose.

11 Months. I celebrated my 11-month birthday. I am 24 lbs and 74 cms tall, maybe. You'd think I'd be growing from month to month, but the scale and tape measure are kinda funny.

Boy Chasing. I really like little boys. We stopped at Steers for supper on the way down, and I walked up to two little boys (maybe 3 and 5) and gave them BIG hugs. They thought I was very cute. At the clinic a little boy (4?) was hiding under the chairs and I said hi and touched him, too. Then there were lots of little boys to chase while I was shopping. Two of them were riding in a cart car down the hall, and I followed them into and all around a store. They also thought I was very cute. There was a 2-year-old boy in a stroller that I went to visit several times, and a boy at the Spur who I chased around the tables. Boys are lots of fun, but I don't understand why grownups laugh at me.

Then I had to leave all the boys and come back home. And here we are, back at school again.