Friday, March 7, 2008

Red + Blue = Purple

Mommy has been winging school lately. So she comes up with all sorts of weird ideas, like "Ball Art" on the day our theme is "Balls." That consists of coloring a ping pong ball with a magic marker and then crumpling up a piece of paper around it, resulting in a crumpled, smudged piece of paper.

Or on the day we had Moses and the Bulrushes theme, I ate pancake pieces floating in applesauce – I'm not sure the pancake pieces qualified as baskets, even though they were fibrous with whole wheat flour and sweet potatoes in them. They were yummy, though.

And yesterday the theme was "Bed." You can tell what's on her mind, huh? So I decided not to take a morning nap in civil protest. Some other themes have been "Money" and "Telephone," as well as some numbers and colors.

For art, Mommy lets me paint the bathtub. Here is me blending red and blue. She says I will probably be an engineer and not an artist, because I am more interested in how the paint lid goes on and whether the rubber bathtub stopper will close the paint jar than I am in my artwork.

We still have fun most of the time. Mommy's just not learning as much, since she makes up everything as we go.