Sunday, February 24, 2008

School Daze

Boy, am I tired! I've been buzzzy learnin' lots these days.

Mommy said I should tell you a little about school. Well, I survived my first week and had lots of fun! I like spending time with Mommy doing things, and I am getting used to my schedule. I like snack times and playing outside times. I usually fall asleep right away at nap times, but I don't always sleep very long. Mommy says that's okay. I did get Mommy to stay with me over an hour one night because I wouldn't go to sleep at bedtime.

For music I got to practice the keyboard a lot, plus I learned all about Londonderry Air and Lead On, O King Eternal. Mommy found some fun music CDs that I listen to during playtime as well. I started dancing by myself for the first time to Wiggle In My Toe.

Computer time didn't go exactly as planned. Becuz I am so good at pressing buttons, I'm learning to use the mouse now. But the websites Mommy wanted me to practice on didn't work with the internet down. So I got to watch music videos on the computer instead. I like Humpty Dumpty and Let Your Light Shine and Butterfly Kisses and Anyway.

Every day Mommy picks a theme and we do stuff related to that theme, – books, songs, rhymes, and crafts. Our first day was the letter A and ants. So I made red and brown fingerprint ants – Mommy drew the legs on them while we counted to six. I learned "ant" in Portuguese (formiga) and sign language (it's actually just "bug" in sign language). We learned The Ants Go Marching One by One song and talked about the "Go to the ant" Bible verse, and Mommy read The Cicada and the Ant story. I ate ants on a log (chopped dates on a celery stick stuffed with cottage cheese – but I just ate the dates). Then Mommy and I went outside to feed the ants, but between Groban the dog and I, the ants didn't get much bread. Bread is yummy, and Groban thinks so, too. We did see one ant carrying a crumb. Yesterday when I was walking outside, I saw ants on the ground and stopped to pick one up. They are very tiny.

Another theme was the Tower of Babel. Mommy took out the MegaBlocks (large Lego-like blocks) and made a tower. I had fun taking the blocks apart. I haven't played with them before because they are supposed to be for age 2 and older, but I surprised Mommy by spending lots of time trying to figure out why and how the pieces stuck together. We talked jibber jabber a lot that day, too.

We shredded pink tissue paper and had a cherry blossom blizzard for George Washington's birthday. Mommy made cherry jello too, but I didn't like that very much. On Antarctica theme day we made a penguin from a toilet paper roll, played in ice cube water, made an igloo from blocks (except it did have corners), ate cold smoothies and gave ice cold sodas to some people. On Apple day I turned my fingers into wiggle worms by sticking them through a cardboard apple I helped Mommy color. That was funny. I helped Mommy make apple turnovers by mixing and eating the apple peel, but I never got to eat the turnovers because I had to go to bed before they were done, and they were all gone in the morning. Mommy says plain apples are better for me, anyhow, and I do like those.

So now I'm restin' up for the next school week. Mommy's got lots of work to do to get ready for this week now . . .