Monday, February 25, 2008

Field Trip Canceled

Today I was going to Nelspruit with Mommy and Daddy, but we didn't get far out of town when we ran into a road block of burning tires and people throwing rocks. Apparently the fuel price went up again, and the chapa owners went on strike because they can't charge enough to cover the fuel price. So people were rioting because they couldn't get rides to work and had nothing better to do.

So my field trip got canceled and now we're going next week to do Daddy's shopping and go to Mommy's doctor. And we've been winging school today.

Just wanted to put up some photos of my weekend. We had lots of people here Sabbath afternoon, including my cousins and my friends Bella and Joshua and Christian. Us girls ran around and traded dolls while the boys sat and played. Here are some pictures of us in the pool.

All of us in the pool
Me and Joshua

Me and Janelle
I also did some power sliding performances for everybody on my scooter (with Daddy's help). They were all impressed. I really like my scooter. I keep trying to get on it by myself, but haven't managed yet.

I really like coloring. On Sunday I colored the floors, walls, and cupboards with my markers. Then I decided Mommy needed a makeover. Here is a photo of her new look.

I take good care of my baby doll. I decided she needed to go skateboarding, too. Here is a photo of me and her skateboarding. Sometimes I put her on the skateboard by herself and push her around.