Thursday, November 22, 2007

South Africa & Dinner

We got up real early yesterday morning and drove to South Africa. (Mommy actually woke me up instead of me yelling for her attention.) It is real green now after some rain, so it was a pretty drive. I am a very good traveler.

I got real bored waiting for Daddy at the welding store. Then he dropped Mommy and me off at Riverside Mall, and that was much more fun. Lots of people and things to see there! We looked at baby clothes and books and toys, as well as doing grocery shopping and picking up the mail. I sang throughout the grocery store! I like it when people stop to say hi and tell me how pretty I am! After about forever (six hours), Daddy joined us for supper.

We stopped at the Paul's house to drop something off and ended up spending the night there. They even had a cot for me to sleep in – I pulled myself to stand in it all by myself. They have horses and dogs and kitties. Their six-year-old, Kelly, shared her lullaby teddy and her soft purple teddy and her doll that giggles when you tickle her feet. She (Kelly, not the doll) is losing both front teeth according to the Tooth Mouse, so we could be twins singing "All I Want for Christmas" together.

We got up real early again and were ready to go by 6 a.m. today. It took us a LOOOONG time to get home, though. We got back at 1 p.m., then Mommy rushed around trying to make food and get me and her showered. We were all ready to go to my cousins' for Thanksgiving dinner when Mr. Abel came and needed some checks, so people were eatin' by the time we got to their house.

There was still lots of food left, though. And the decorations were really cool, too – I wanted to eat them as well. There were paper chains and dried leaves and flowers and a fruit/vegetable display and red & yellow plates and fruit that looked like minute pumpkins and napkin holders made with corn kernels and stars. I wanted some pumpkin pie, but Mommy gave me butternut squash instead. I did get to drink some slushy drink and eat a roll, which I shared with Dixie the puppy.

Then I got to play with my friends Bella and Christian. Daddy and I played soccer together with everybody, too. I even cried when Mr. Marlon kicked a goal for the other team by accident and cheered when we got a goal. I like soccer! I like to kick things: balls, squeaky dolls, monkeys, etc.