Friday, November 23, 2007

Pilot Trainin'

I learned how to be a pilot in school today. First I put on one of my airplane onesies. Then I packed my monkey backpack for travelin' and put that on, too. Then me and Traveler Monkey got out my wrist airplane and made it fly.

Mommy and I made a tasty paper airplane, which went down real well with some spit. It didn't fly so well (must be that A4 paper), so we talked about what makes airplanes fly. I practiced ground control with my barbershop rattle.

We read books like Going on a Plane, How Far is Far?, Flying is Fun, and It's a Small World. Of course we had to sing "It's a Small World" and then "Missionary Plane." We said "airplane" in sign language. Then I read my plastic book with different modes of transportation aloud to Mommy while she cut pineapple & papayas for lunch. I like the airplane and the ice cream truck the best.

We read Psalm 139:9-10: "Suppose I had wings like the dawning day and flew across the ocean. Even then your powerful arm would guide and protect me."

I was offered a menu selection of papaya, litchi, peach, banana, or pear for lunch, as well as a packet of OTees (the closest thing you get to Cheerios here). Bummer airline only let me drink water, though. So I helped a few OTees go flyin' from my high chair. Then I went flyin' through my mosquito net for a nap . . .

I'm learnin' lots of other stuff, too. I learned how to drink from a straw – you dip the straw into the drink, then take it out and lick it. I also learned how to get wet wipes out of their container (wait til I get to the toilet paper, Mommy!). I've got crawlin' downpat – I hardly ever squiggle anymore. And this week was the first time I've VERIFIABLY stood from a sitting position and sat up from a lying position. The last one is easy; you just get into a crawling position and then flop onto your butt.