Saturday, November 3, 2007


I like to lie between Mommy and Daddy on the bed. I lie sideways so I can kick Mommy while poking Daddy (or the other way around). It's a great way to start the morning!

We went to the beach today! It is very shallow a long ways out, so Daddy carried me miles and miles into the ocean (or almost that far). We stopped at our very own island (patch of sand sticking out of the water), and Daddy pulled me around and around the island on the boogie board. The water was very warm, almost like a bathtub, and it was warmer in the water than in the air. It was fun, though I shivered a little when I wasn't in the water.

Then we stopped at my cousins' house to see the seven puppies Princess Roxy had this morning! They are very cute and very little. But I still like puppy Dixie the best, cuz she likes to lick my feet and make me giggle.