Sunday, September 23, 2007

Border Crossing

Today we went to South Africa and back. What this means is I get to sit in the car while it drives for a really long time. Then we get out at the Mozambique border, stand in a long line, get back in the car, drive a very short ways, get out at the South Africa border, stand in a long line, get back in the car, and drive a really long time to Nelspruit. Then we repeat the whole process coming back. Sometimes we spend longer at the border if we are bringing things in or out.

Today there weren't really any lines. We did have to wait while Daddy tried to get money back for a truck that had been imported. They wouldn't give him the money because the invoice didn't say "Tax Invoice"; only "Invoice." This is Africa, after all, and you must have all your rubber ducky stamps in a row to get anything done.

We got to go shopping, too. I like shopping and smiling at everybody. They all smile back and tell me how cute I am. Sometimes they call me a boy, though.