Monday, August 20, 2007

Eating REAL Food!

I have a SECOND tooth!

We went to the dedication of a church today. It was a pretty building. Lots of ladies sang and played what looked like Ring Around the Rosies except they didn't fall down.

We had to stand outside for a long time while lots of people talked before they let us in to sit down. Then I got hungry during the preaching, so Mommy took me to the car and made faces at all the village kids who gathered around while I ate. Some of them made faces back. We had given them stickers earlier, and they were wearing them on their foreheads.

And when Mommy discovered my second tooth this morning, she and Daddy decided that maybe nature was demanding that I get to eat real food, or maybe my crying last night paid off. They gave me a little bit of rice cereal – I liked the first two bites, but then I just wanted my usual meal, thank you very much.