Monday, November 21, 2011

Review/Giveaway: Clubhouse Kidz

This is a post that has been long in the making, though we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the making of it.

Miss Esmé – who would’ve thought? – is camera-shy.

Yet, after much ado and technical snafu, we’re pleased to share a camera-shy recitation of Psalm 23 with you…

Thank you, Clubhouse Kidz!  I LOVE knowing God’s word is being captured in my daughter’s mind, ready to bear fruit when she most needs it.


We are dedicated to making scripture memorization easy and fun! A video library on our website engages children of all ages and helps " kids inspire kids" to hide God's Word in their hearts. Photos added to the text create mental tags that enhance recall and make the process exciting.

Recommended Age:  Ages 2 to teen! 
Price:  You can download an 18-minute introductory video using Psalm 23 for $5.99, or a selection of scripture slideshows for $1.99 each.  PLUS, there are some terrific free Flip-It downloads on the Clubhouse Kidz blog.  And be sure to like Clubhouse Kidz on facebook for the latest scripture memory tools.
For More Info or To Purchase:

What Mom Liked:

  • imageSlide Shows.  The little pictures on these tools DO serve as mental tags.  I (Mom) realized that I as often as not have been leaving out the “Thou anointest my head with oil” part of Psalm 23.  Now, I just picture a kid dumping vegetable oil on his little sibling’s head, and I get it right every time. 
  • Flip-Its. The Flip-Its are great because they are easy to print out and use anytime, anywhere.  Esmé is actually looking at the photo side during the video recording.  PLUS – they are currently FREE downloads!
  • Kids Inspiring Kids.  Watching the introductory video was a great motivator for Esmé, as she saw other kids reciting and having fun with Psalm 23.
  • Multiple Approaches.  The introductory video introduces several steps toward memorization:  read it, write it, sing it, recite it…  Some of these steps work better for Esmé than others, but having her watch other other kids go through all of them has definitely impacted her.

Esmé has memorized scripture verses naturally through listening to scripture songs, but it has been exciting to watch her learn through a new approach, especially something as lengthy as Psalm 23.  We’ll be starting the next scripture soon (Mom too), hiding more of God’s word in our hearts!


Clubhouse Kids is offering to give away a Clubhouse Kidz “Action” DVD or a download of the whole set of slideshows to one of you!

  • To enter, leave a comment stating whether you’d prefer the DVD or the download of the slideshows.
  • If you are a follower or subscriber, leave a second comment for a second entry.

Entries will be accepted until December 10, 2011.  US only on DVDs, please; downloads are available internationally.

Thanks to Clubhouse Kidz for providing downloads of their video and slideshows for our review.  We are not being paid for this review, and all opinions are our own.


ann said...

Beautiful! And what an amazing smile for the end when "I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!"

Vikki H said...

so precious to see her face and hear those familiar words! what a gift you have given her.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway. I'd prefer the DVDs if I win.


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