Friday, June 5, 2009

Fashion Friday

Hey ya'll! I haven't done a fashion show for a bit, so we've got a full-length feature in store for you today. Go get yourself some sparkling grape juice on ice, come back, and settle in - I'll wait for ya!

Ready to go? Let's start with these awesome cargo capris. SIX pockets, folks! Finally somebody gets that us 2-year-olds gotta have a place to store stuff!
Not wowed yet? Well, let me tell you that it's imperative to make sure your favorite plastic chair matches your nightie. This hot pink Disney princess combo does the trick.
Now we're showing off this versatile silk scarf. All 2-year-olds need some colorful silk scarves in their possession to dress things up a little and to keep them warm when they get cold. (Something in the hair? Heaven forbid! I'm working to get it out as the cameras click.)

Just in case you were looking for something more daring, here are the latest diaper accessories. (My diaper-only outfit got a threatening email from MySpace, so we've been looking for ways to dress the diaper up a bit. Those hair scrunchies around the calves should do it.)
All right, toning things down a bit. Who said red and pink don't work together? Especially when matched with a single boot. Definitely not two boots, though. That would be too much.

And the deal with shades? The littler you are, the bigger your shades should be. Yep, that's in this year's fashion book of rules. And you can see why...
These bright yellow leggings made from Pappa's compressor cord are way cool! They are a tad bit uncomfortable to walk in, though, so should be reserved for those events where 5-inch stiletos are the THING to wear.
This is one of my favorite put-togethers... Pink Tommy H. hoodie, hot pink shorts, and a flowery dress in between. Combined with my purple dress shoes, it makes the perfect hiking outfit for the wilds of Oregon.
Two-year-olds are all about layering. As long as it doesn't involve putting on long sleeves over a tshirt when temperatures are freezing. Here I've layered a pink flowery sleeveless number over a turquise & green onesie, all on top of my butterfly brown sweats...
...but that wasn't enough layering, so I added a button-up yellow floral empire sleeveless to the ensemble. Backwards, of course. Sweet, huh?
Here I am trying to find the perfect outfit to go with my yellow-flowered satin purse. Pink ladybug hat, ballerina jammie top, and rocking horse jammie bottoms should do it. Now I just need some pink ladybug shoes. Though purple dress shoes DO go with everything.
Just a final reminder that bright colors NEVER clash on a 2-year-old. Look how well red and turquoise go! Especially accessorized with a cat paper bag puppet while practicing my balance beam routine and wearing my purples dress shoes.

And that's a wrap for this week! Stay tuned for the latest and greatest in two-year-old fashion...
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The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a cute fun post! I like the pose with one boot. Such a fashion statement!

Glad you dropped by my blog. I left you a message under your Blue Monday post. Am assuming that's how you found me. Whatever way, I'm glad you did. I've enjoyed reading your blog!


Sheila :-)

Lori said...

that is certainly a unique sense of style

Wanda said...

Oh my - I had only poured my self a coffee, should have had algass of wine!!

What a riot. This couldn't have all been in one week. (I'd hate to see your laundry room!)

I just love that she matched her outfit to the chair. That's somthing my Dahlia would do (oh, I've created a monster ;-)

Your little one is adorable and it was such fun to watch the parade. Do it again, soon.

Wanda (At Last...)

jmt said...

OH my gosh! I wanna do a fashion show now!!! I don't think my boys care one lick about what they wear though. I still pick out the 4 year old's outfits. Hmmm...maybe I should start letting him do it himself and see what he comes up with. Yes, grand idea. And the compressor cord? HOT. Where do they make grown-up size boots like she's got, too?

Madeline said...

Esme, your fashion posts make me grin!!

M3 said...

Oh my gosh, this post just killed me!!! Love it, love all the outfits.

xinex said...

ROFLOL! That picture with her in a bare midriff and diaper is sooooo funny! Precious pictures!...Christine

ShEiLa said...

I always love a good fashion show... this one is better than the ones on the runways in Paris.


ps. ANTM watch out here comes
Miss Esmé!!!!

Rachel said...

HILARIOUS!!! Esme, you have wonderful fashion sense. I especially like the daring outfit, and the yellow cord leggings. Too cute!