Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WFMW - "U" Crafts

Tot School
"U" week has been an unequivocably unique week! Here are the crafts and activities that worked for this 22-month-old.

Umbrella. Of course I had to get an umbrella for this week! It's a cool yellow one with tigers and giraffes and hibiscus flowers on it! I put it up and protect Dolly from Mommy's water spray bottle while she sings "The raindrops fall with a pitter patter pit..."

And I played paper dolls with an umbrella, too. Mommy got this little creature (Papa says it's ugly for "U" week) from DLTK's site.

Worksheet. Some people don't think little kids like me should have to do worksheets, but I like coloring papers. Mommy says she liked worksheets as a kid because she felt like she was accomplishing something as she finished them.

Arguments aside, she found some that aren't actually letters, but rather writing skills, which she's been wanting to work with me on. And one was for a smiley-mouth curve, just like a "U!" So I got to color on that one. See the smiley-mouth I made?
UFOs. What IS that scary-looking thing on my breakfast plate? Mommy took a wheat hamburger roll, cut a hole in the middle, spread it with peanut butter, put banana and strawberry slices on it, and put a boiled egg in the middle. Man, was that scary! I didn't touch it!

Unicorn. We offer proof that unicorns still live and breathe today, though they may not be very active. All you have to do is paint a piece of paper, roll it into a cone shape and tape it, and put the cone on your SLEEPING cat's head. Take the picture quick, because soon he will be awake and fighting the cone with all the furor he possesses.
Underwater. I put holographic underwater stickers on a paper. They look a lot like Papa's scuba photos! Dolly helped.

Then I played with some glass rocks that look like water. First Mommy had me try to spoon them into an egg tray. That was NO fun at all!
Then she just let me pour them back and forth between containers and stir them with my spoon. That was much more fun!
Then I had the bright idea to put Kitkat underwater, too!
Universe. Black is where the world began! So Mommy and I colored things - stars, circles, and lots of unknown objects - onto a paper with crayons. Then we covered it with black tempera paint.
Upside Down. I don't use a dummy much anymore, but when I wasn't feeling good, I got my dummy and stuck it in upside down.

And Mommy and I made an upside down person. I drew the face, and Mommy drew the stick parts on the wrong side of the face.
Up and Under. We looked at pictures and talked a lot about what was "up" and "under."
Undo, Unzip, Unbutton, Untie, Unfasten, Unbuckle, Unbolt. We practiced a lot of "uns" this week, too! I can unzip and unvelcro and untie real well!

Matching. This wasn't really a "U" activity, but I wanted to share it anyway! We got an original Memory game. Mommy would put twelve cards in the card holder face up. Then she would hand me the twelve matching cards, and I put them into the matching card slots. It was fun!
There are all kinds of ways a kid like me can play games that are for older kids. So open up your options and try them out!

Say "Uncle!" Until next week Wednesday, when we work on wickedly wonderful "W!"

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ShEiLa said...

So very busy with all the [U] stuff. With all this... nobody can ever say you are under-educated for your age.

Here is a U-word.
ubiquitous: existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time.

Kids are good at this one... they are here, there, and everywhere. Ü


Andrea said...

haha...I laughed WAY WAY WAY too hard at your unicorn. :)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Who knew there were so many U crafts! Looks like she still had a fun week, despite being sick.

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

great projects! how old is esme?

Anonymous said...

love the unicorn cat!

Mary said...

I have plan to try a letter week with Girlygirl next week. It is nice to see yours thanks.

Joannof10 said...

What a wonderful week!! and the Unicorn cat is just awesome!LOL

Anonymous said...

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