Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Esmé (22 months) picks up the calculator.

"One, two," as she presses buttons and then raises it to her ear.

"Hello? Hi, Daddy! Bye." Click down goes the calculator.

She brings the same calculator to me, showing that one of the buttons is popping off and needs to be reinserted. "Hurt!" she explains.

Esmé has graduated to chewable vitamins and LOVEs them. She even cries when we refuse to give her more than two a day. "Bite-ums! Bite-ums!"

We went through the whole possession thing at the table the other day. The only problem was that she had put Dolly in HER chair.

"Where's Papa's chair?" I ask.

"Papa chair." She runs over to it.

"Where's Mommy's chair?"

"Mommy chair." Over to that one.

"Where's Dolly's chair?"

"Dolly chair."

"Where's Esmé's chair?" I ask.

She looks bewildered. Then she runs into the bedroom. "Papa! Papa!" she calls. She grabs his hand and directs him to the dining room. "Esmé chair?"

Now we know who's the problem solver in this family.

One morning we play "count the body parts." She points each out on me proudly: "2 hands." "2 eye." "2 ear." "2 hair."

2 hair? I know my hair is thin, but I think it still sums to more than 2...

Every day is such fun as new things pop out. Little things, like the complete phrases: "Open that one, too," pointing to the second container of Play Doh.

Or the logic. When I hang up her favorite Dolly after washing, Esmé wants her down. "No, she's wet," I explain.

She grabs a towel and runs back. "All dry!" she exclaims. So of course I have to take her doll down and let her dry it!

After a long coughing session, we give her a Hall's cough drop in a desperate attempt to provide some relief. "H!" she says as she looks at the letter on the drop. Wow - there's another letter she's got figured out!

We've been "playing" board games as I'm introducing her to things like dice and cards and spinners. We were playing "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon," which has four player pieces, including a cow. I explained that it was the cow's turn. So she insisted on taking the cow player piece off the board and making it "turn" the spinner. "Cow turn!"

And here's our little basket case!


jojoebi-designs said...

hahaha a little comic!

dani said...

i love this age!!! too bad... soooo sad for papa... he's going to have to find himself a new place at the table:P you are so smart and funny, e!!!

ShEiLa said...

MisS Esmé and I have so much in common.

First: I graduated to chewable vitamins... last year... when they told us at Weight Watchers that the chewables were the same as adult vitamins. Since I hate swallowing pills... perfect for me.

Second: I am a basket case too! [Only not a cute as you Esmé]

Esmé's Mommy's,
Thanks for the info in your e.mail.


Rachel said...

I love their logic. That's my favorite part.

Kori said...

O will walk around the house fake coughing because he likes to take the medicine. "I sick," he says! At least E. sticks to the bite-um!

grammy said...

She is such a smart little thing with all the work you do with her. My son and daughter-in-law have four little girls. The youngest is almost exactly your daughters age. The oldest is in first grade. It seems to be mostly damage control around there. I don't think they ever get to play a game.

Richard Lawry said...

It is always such fun to get a glimpse inside the mind of a little one.

An Arkies Musings

Damselfly said...

Esme is just so sweet and cute! And really really smart.