Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WFMW - "K" Crafts

We kowtowed to "K" last week - here are the "K" activities that worked for us and kept this 17-month-old kid busy!

Kitchen Duty. Mommy set me up with a dish of soapy water and some dirty dishes to clean. It worked so well that I think it will become a regular chore of mine - and I don't mind a bit! Plus there was so much water on the floor afterwards that mopping the kitchen was a breeze. The only downside was needing to change my outfit afterwards because it was sopping wet.

Koalas and Kangaroos. I carried my doll in my shirt on my tummy and hopped to play "kangaroo." Then I put my doll on my back (in my hoody shirt) and pretended to climb to play "koala."

Kite. I painted a plastic plate with tempera paint. Then Mommy punched a hole in it and tied a piece of yarn through it. One end had crepe streamer pieces attached for a kite tail, while the other end of yarn was wrapped around and attached to a craft stick for a kite handle. Now we're just waiting for a windy day!

Keyboard. I love playing on the keyboard! Here I am playing a duet with my friend A. He just turned 3 last week.

Kisses. Mommy tried to put lipstick on me and have me kiss a piece of paper to make "kissing" art. I DID not want lipstick on - how yucky is that stuff! I didn't mind coloring with it, though!

Ketchup Art. I sat in the bathtub with some paint brushes and a bowl of ketchup and made some wonderful designs. Mommy's note: This is how the paint brushes ended up in the bathroom and now get used as toothbrushes . . .

Key Impressions. Mommy gave me some keys to press into playdough and make key impressions with. It should go really well with my pickpocket training, don't you think?

Kettle Drums. I LOVE drums! I can keep a beat really well! Mommy showed me how to turn some kettles upside down and bang on them with wooden spoons, and I had a heyday with them!

Karaoke. Also on the music line, I practiced singing into my handy dandy microphones, aka jump rope handles that I played with during "J" week.

Kettle Corn. Mommy made some popcorn in a kettle and then sprinkled it with salt and sugar. It was very yummy! I ate A LOT!

Mommy's note: I'm a microwave popcorn kind of gal, but it is WAAY expensive here in Mozambique and South Africa, so we made do. It was very disconcerting trying to shake the overflowing kettle over the flame with one hand while propping a crying baby who wanted to be part of the action on the opposite hip. I did manage not to burn it, but I overestimated how much popcorn it would take to fill a pot. Also, popcorn is considered a choking hazard, so be careful if you try this with a young one.

Kerchoo Kerchief. Mommy cut a square out of cloth and let me color and paint it to be my own kerchoo kerchief.

Mommy's note. I would have preferred using a plain white finished handkerchief and fabric paints, but sometimes you just use what you've got and don't stress over the details . . .

King of the Jungle. We made a crown for my stuffed lion. Mommy cut it out from yellow paper and stapled it together. Then she helped me glue foam shape pieces on it as gems. She took it away from me when it was done, because I kept pulling the foam pieces off.

Kickboxing. Mommy tried to teach me some kickboxing moves, but I didn't copy her very well. Now that Daddy is back home this week, we'll try it again. I love practicing martial arts with him.

Well, that's what worked for us! I'm loving "L" week right now!

Oh, in case you've never seen it, has some very cool letter animations, and we watched the "K" ones. We'll be checking out the rest of the letters as we go through the rest of the alphabet.
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Tara R. said...

I want to come play over at your house. You all look like you always have the best time.

Heidi Boos said...

Wow, quite impressive!! And, this was all done in one day? I'm exhausted just reading all of it. It sounds like so much fun and gets me motivated to start doing this kind of thing with my daughter. Did you start at the beginning of the alphabet or are you jumping around with the letters? Thanks for sharing!

Debra Kaye said...


What a wonderful "k" day you had. Please remember to give your mommy a "k"iss too for being one of the most creative mommys in the whole world!

God bless you!

SarahHub said...

You always have such fun!

I am going to try the kissing art. Evie LOVES lipstick!

Restless Ink said...

You're like the BEST mom ever!!!! Will you be mine?! Pretty please???

Michelle said...

I did a bit of an experiment the other day. Took some normal popcorn, stuck it in a medium-sized brown paper bag, folded the end twice to close it and put it in the microwave - and it worked!!!!

Handy hint though - don't try re-microwave it to get the missed kernels or you'll end up with nuke-burnt other ones... Just let it go once until it sounds like it's nearly done - and watch out, those kernels can be hot.

I prefer the pot-popped kind myself, but this one will do at a pinch.

Casey's trio said... were very busy! Love the "K" themed post:)

Pregnantly Plump said...

How kool! (I had to do that!) What fun!

dani said...

"k" week looked like soooo much fun!!! are you making lemonade to go with your popcorn this week, esme??? it is yummy:b

Kori said...

I think K has been my favorite one so far!

Munchkins and Music said...

Loved seeing you on the keyboard! Very cool!

Genny said...

Those pictures are precious! I especially love the one at the piano!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day of play -and learning! Have I told you how cute that girl is?!?!

Leslie said...

What great ideas! I think we may have to start doing letter of the week with my two boys.

Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

Danyele Easterhaus said...

you are so cute with your little 'k' words and playtime. what a great little engineering mind doesn't work that way. great #2 is looking over my shoulder and loving all the pics, especially the crown for the king of the jungle.

Andrea said...

I love this kissing art idea (even though it didn't quite work...) and the kickboxing one...haha...too funny! :)

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

Wow, great activities! You're talented for such a young one, Esme.

heidi @ ggip said...

That is a great post!!! Really great.

The popcorn reminds me of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving where Snoopy forgets to put the lid on the pan and popcorn goes everywhere.

Breanne said...

wow - tons of fun. My daughgter would love it at your house.

Anonymous said...

What fun ideas! I love the playing a kangaroo idea- too cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a totally Kool (with a K) Tot School! I love the Ketchup Bathtub art! I bet that smelled a bit but such easy clean-up!
You have wonderful ideas!