Monday, June 23, 2014

Things I Learned From End-of-Year School Papers…

You know all those papers that come home out of your kid’s desk at the end of the year?  I have been learning a lot from those since school got out a couple weeks ago.  We are going to have to do something about all the events in my daughter’s lift that I have been missing out on…

1.  "One thing that makes me very special is my super great grandma was Sacajawea."

2. Her dad is a Loch Ness monster. I, of course, am a fairy queen. She is a mermaid, so it is fitting that we have fish instead of a cat. I think you're supposed to ignore the teeth.

3. Past dreams of being a ballerina teacher and astronaut baker have been set aside. She's got laser focus on becoming a mermaid when she grows up.

4. She watches TV all day, every day. Except when she is in school, of course.

5. She is partially honest.  She draws the gutter guards on the lane for her well-executed strike.


6. She had a front-row seat to Barbie: Pearl Princess.  Apparently I took her over spring break.


7. She takes karate lessons, belongs to a Diva Girls team, and plays guitar.  (Her favorite restaurant is Taco Bell, and TV Show is Last Man Standing – but this I did know.)  Her most valued attribute in a friend is the “ability to keep secrets” – which is probably why I don’t know much about her? :)

8.  She has a pet baby rattlesnake named Willy.


9.  If she could change one thing about school, it would be that there were 10 recesses (1r=1h).

10. This is how she measures up:


11.  She has never kissed a frog.


13. “The worst thing about me is I’m not as others.”

14. One question for her teacher:  “How long is it ‘til recess?”


15.  Five words that describe her:  Diva, Fast, Smart, Late, Everything

16.  Last summer, “I learned how to swim.  Even though I don’t really like swimming, I still do it.”  Pretty crucial skill for a mermaid, no?


17. “Sabbath” is not a word on her spelling list…


18. If she didn’t sleep in a bed…


Is it any wonder this is her end-of-year award?