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Review: Moms’ Night Out

For two days only—Monday, June 9 and Tuesday, June 10—you can get 2-for-1 tickets to see Moms’ Night Out at Regal and Cinemark theaters where it’s currently showing! Find a theater, grab a friend, and GO!

Photo: For two days only—Monday, June 9 and Tuesday, June 10—you can get 2-for-1 tickets to see Moms’ Night Out at Regal and Cinemark theaters where it’s currently showing! Find a theater, grab a friend, and GO!

I’m tired a lot.

I’ve had a terrible time with multi-tasking ever since becoming a mom.  Even with only one kiddo who is getting better and better at entertaining herself, I have a hard time focusing and staying on any task.  Great intentions here, but little gets done, and the emotional tiredness is overwhelming.

And the mess!  When I’m in clean-up mode (and manage to shut out the rest of life’s demands), I might get a lot cleaned up, but everywhere I go, little Miss is pulling out and spreading around what I JUST put away.

Yes, there are sweet parenting moments when I can’t help but smile at my amazing kiddo, but more often than not, it takes a lot of mental willpower to tell myself to focus on the moment, enjoy the moment, DON’T GET DISTRACTED for goodness’ sake!

It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

Moms’ Night Out is a family comedy taking over movie theaters across the country just now.  While I haven’t had the privilege of seeing it yet, I did have the (late night) opportunity to read the novelization by one of my favorite Christian fiction authors, Tricia Goyer.  What a sweet break!  And I am still LOL’ing through a companion devotional by Kerry Pomarolli, full of incidents that seem uncannily like my #MomFail updates.

Moms' Night Out

Author:  Tricia Goyer

Publisher:  B&H Publisher Group

It's one night out, what could go wrong?!

Moms' Night Out is a novelization of the hilarious family comedy that celebrates real family life---where everything can go wrong and still turn out all right. All Allyson and her friends want is a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and conversation . . . a long-needed moms' night out. But in order to enjoy high heels, adult conversation and food not served in a bag, they need their husbands to watch the kids for a few hours---what could go wrong? Chronicling one night out gone awry, three harried moms, their husbands, a sister-in-law with a misplaced baby, a tattoo parlor owner, a motorcycle gang, and a bewildered cabbie all learn to embrace the beautiful mess called parenting. This book spotlights the unfulfilled expectations and serial self-doubts many moms feel . . . then reassures us that the key is raising kids in a loving home.Moms' Night Out is an endearing, true-to-life comedy.

Moms' Night Out and Other Things I Miss! Devotions to Help You Survive!

Author:  Kerri Pomarolli

Publisher:  B&H Publisher Group

As a mom, couldn't you use a good laugh?

Inspired by the endearing, true-to-life movie Moms' Night Out, comedian Kerri Pomarolli has created this light, yet inspiring devotional that will definitely make you laugh, but will also help you discover that indeed you are not alone, and that God's gracious provision of love and faithfulness is at work in your life and of your loved ones. Whether you're running full-speed-ahead or disappointed that it's Monday (again), you'll find joy in these devotions where Kerri shares hilarious stories and insights on daily life. Messy homes, messy kids, lost pets, never ending casseroles, forgetful husbands, and the desire to just take a long bath . . . This world can be a funny place, and these stories are bound to prove it. Read a devotion to brighten your morning, or catch a few words to make you smile before bed. There's never a bad time for a good laugh, and as a Mom, you need a Moms' Night Out . . . and other things I miss! Devotions To Help You Survive.

Age Recommendation: Moms of all kinds!
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List Price:  Moms’ Night Out - $15.99, currently available on for $11.99; Moms’ Night Out and Other Things I Miss… Devotions to Help You Survive! – $14.99, currently available on for $11.99
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Mom’s Review
Wow!  What an awesomely fun, wholesome addition to the mainstream big screens across our country!  Two-for-one tickets today and tomorrow at Regal and Cinemark theaters – if you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend checking out whether it is showing in your town.

No, it’s not showing here in the boonies ruralville – the closest showing is 92 miles away.  But the book reads amazingly like big-screen action, so I can just picture each crazy scene.

I love how moms at varying stages – the young single mom, the pastor’s wife with teenager, the always-wanted-to-be-a-mom mom, the got-it-together mom – discover their similarities and blow their façades in this fast-paced adventure.  The rapid sequence of events – completely different than originally envisioned – not a moment to catch a breath, just plowing forward as events demand, hoping (and praying) for limited injury and loss of life along the way – that’s exactly what I feel like so often.

Oh, there are dads in this adventure, too.  And I’m pretty sure they could relate to some of this stuff, as well.

Overall, the story is full of drama and comedy with a feel-good ending – and God is right there in the middle of it all, working His story into the middle of each character’s story.  Well done, folks!

And Kerri Pomarolli’s devotional book?  It is a great way to extend the story’s message out into your everyday life for a bit longer – to bring home the point that we moms are all overwhelmed on a regular basis, but it’s okay to laugh about it because God’s got it all under control…


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