Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sabbath Sites: Brosi Sugar Tree Farms


Seeing as it’s that pumpkin time of year, we had to fit in a trip to a pumpkin patch.

Original, aren’t we?

Thankfully there are several “local” (as in within 45 minutes’ drive or so) ones.  Since the local homeschool group was organizing a trip to Brosi’s Sugartree Farms, that’s where we went on a sunny October afternoon…

Brosi’s is in Winston, not far from where I work.  With both U-Pick and Already-Picked produce available throughout the summer, it’s one of those places I want to visit more frequently than I do.

We started the field trip in their store, filled with local produce of various kinds…P1100338

…and a strange-lookin’ pony garnering a drink, as well…P1100271

…and a dog that caught a bat?P1100276

Then we headed out to their corn maze to get eaten by a giant spider.P1100277

We saw lots of corn.P1100281

I also saw a scary monster in the corn.  Thankfully Esmé wasn’t around at that moment or she would’ve been scared to death.P1100282

And Esmé adopted a creepy thing that she nursed for way too long.P1100288

Fortunately we eventually made it out of the maze alive.  Here is proof.P1100289

Then we decided to trust this tractor…P1100303

…to give us a ride…P1100297

…to the pumpkin patch, where they amazingly had PUMPKINS!  It never fails, year after year after year!P1100304

Esmé found her flower right away…P1100301

…but took a lot longer to find her pumpkin, so I entertained myself taking pictures of droopy old sunflower ladies.P1100315P1100305

I also looked under every leaf for ready-to-eat pies, but alas, found none.  Esmé finally found her perfect itty bitty pumpkin, which won’t make enough of a pie to be of any use to us, so it is safe at our house.P1100310

We finally traversed back via wagon to the store, and I entertained myself a bit taking photos of Brosi blooms before heading back home…P1100324P1100333

…marking the completion of our annual pilgrimage.