Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Fragments: Abundance vs. Self-Denial

Original posted January 22, 2008

Today's Mommy's Group meeting was at a beautiful house I hadn't been to before – at least 4 stories overlooking the ocean. We met in the lower level, which was completely set up for babies like mine – mats and low couches and pillows on the ground, and every toy imaginable neatly organized to keep a baby entertained for months.

I watched Esme giggle as she wrapped a pink feather boa around herself.

She softly sang as she picked out her unique melody on the xylophone and made marks on the MagnaDoodle. And the list of new adventures could have gone on forever with that fascinating array of toys.

As I watched her face light up during her toy exploration, my mother heart got a little green. Some of you have heard me complaining recently about my boredom with Esme's "traditional" toys – which incidentally fit into a Medium UHaul box. And of those, only one was purchased with money from my pocket.

Caveat: Please don't think her deprived in the way of toys. As Esme's Daddy accurately pointed out, it isn't every baby who has her own scooter, boogie board, skateboard, kayak, surf board, table tennis gear, and rock climbing harness.

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