Monday, September 9, 2013

Giveaway: Orkin Home Education Kit

Daddy brought home a female daddy longlegs last week.  Not so unusual, except she had a bunch of eggs in her pedipalps – pretty cool to see!  Esmé took Miss Spider to school with her, and when I picked her up, several little boys were standing around, fascinated with Miss Spider.

This weekend, Esmé had an insect encounter of the unpleasant kind.  We were at a church campout, and she was playing near a tree by the eating area with her 3yo cousin.  Suddenly she ran screaming from the tree, followed closely behind by a shrieking little Olivia.  Yellow jackets!  She was stung 5 times and pretty miserable for a while.  She’s mostly recovered, though still a bit itchy.  (Olivia had several stings as well.)

So, household pests are kind of cool and educational, but not always fun.

Is your home at risk?

The best way to protect your home is education. How much do you know about household pests? They don’t have a place in your home, but pests do have a place in the world. From science and forensics to art and culture, pests play an important role.

Take the Pest Test Quiz to find out how well you know about our tiny neighbors!

Orkin are EXPERTS in bug science and developing customized solutions for keeping your home pest-free!


Here’s your chance to win a cool Orkin Home Educational Kit!  US addresses only; no PO boxes please.

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Thanks to Orkin for providing the graphics and prize package as part of an Orkin promotion.


Jessica To said...

The quiz said I am a Bug Boss!

Stephanie said...

My quiz results were: Way to go, you are a bug boss!

laurasloves said...

I am a Bug Boss.
Laurie Emerson
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com