Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mission Sunday: Telling the World

As I mentioned last week, Naaman has been the hot topic of Esmé’s class lately.  One week, the focus was on mission; the fact that the young maid was far from home and witnessed for her God there.  We talked about what a missionary is, how old you need to be to be a missionary, and how you can be a missionary at various places right near home.  We also talked about the different nations of the world where people work as missionaries.

For a craft, I wanted to focus on the children of the world, and here is the colorful world we came up with.


Materials used:

  • Construction paper in rainbow colors (with paper cutter to make strip cutting easier)
  • Cardstock to print the children and the earth (with printer and scissors)
  • Pencils (to wrap paper strips around) – unsharpened works best!
  • White glue (poured onto paper plates)
  • Colored markers and scissors (if you want to work on the children during class time)

Prep steps:

  • Print circular globe (or just a circle) on cardstock for each child.  I used this white and black globe, printed on aqua cardstock.  You may want to cut it out.
  • Print children of the world on white cardstock for each child.  I used this free children around the world printable; you can pick your favorite out of a fair amount of freebies online.
  • Cut construction paper into strips about 1/4 or 1/3 inch wide.  Use a variety of colors, and cut the length of the paper (not the width).  One sheet each of 10 colors should be enough for 10 kids or so; we had lots left over.  Group the strips into an assortment of colors you can place around the table for easy access.
  • Curl strips for the younger ones by wrapping around a pencil.  I had 4- to 6-year-olds, and most of them couldn’t get the hang of it; we were blessed with enough parents to help.  Esmé did okay, but it didn’t keep her attention very long.
  • Just before class, pour glue onto paper plates.  You’ll want at least a plate between every two children.

Do the craft:

  • Pass out cardstock globes and pencils.  Place paper strips and glue-filled plates around the table in easy reach of all kids.
  • Demonstrate how to wrap paper strips around pencil.
  • Demonstrate how to dip a curled paper strip into the glue and then place onto the globe.
  • Let them have at it!  Encourage use of multiple colors.  Talk about the many colors of God’s world and His love of variety.
  • If you have time during class, bring out the children of the world coloring pages and markers.  Due to lack of time, I just sent these home with the children.  Esmé did a great job coloring a couple of hers; then I cut them out for her.P1090856

Remind them to be missionaries in their own homes, and to pray for children around the world as well!image

For those in the northern hemisphere, I hope your summers are ending well!  We’re planning to enjoy this Seize the Last of Summer printable list over the next week!

And a quick reminder that the back-to-school sales will be ending soon, and this is the perfect time to stock up for shoeboxes!  Samaritan’s Purse is offering free materials for this shoebox season – “labels, posters, flyers, packing party guidelines, inspirational videos, and more…”

Last but not least, it’s been a hard season at work, I’ve been feeling a letdown that the summer is almost over without our doing much, and school registration holds many decisions for our little girl that are wearing me down…  This Selah video is a reminder: there are far harder choices we could be facing, and no matter what, we will keep pressing on!